Technological Revolution Power Banks

You Have The Power With Power Banks

Every great revolutionary sought to give power back to the people. Something happened and either the people had lost their power or they never had it to begin with. Along came someone with charisma and whit and wrestled power away from a demagogue and back to the people. It didn’t always end well as sometimes leaders of revolutions get drunk with power and just end up doing the same as the last guy or worse, but who doesn’t love a revolution and the romance that comes with it. These days revolutions still take place from time to time. Both those that require violent upheaval and those that quietly sneak into our lives.

The same can be said about power banks, or similar. Firstly it was a revolution of sorts. You had people suffering under the tyranny of small battery capacities on their phones. They had all these apps which were meant to make their lives easier but none of it mattered because their batteries were too small. They would go to do something like order a pizza, seek directions to a bar or just post something on Facebook and all the sudden the battery would be dead. They suffered and suffered not knowing where to go for relief. Then came the revolution in the form of a power bank, and that power bank saved their lives. Whilst it might sound that I am being a bit melodramatic I am not. Ask anyone who has been left without juice in their phone only to be rescues by a power bank and you will know what I mean.

Now power banks have taken over our lives so much so that people don’t even realise what life was like before they came along. It is like when television went from black and white to colour (another revolution). At first it was like “where have you been all my life”, but after a while people forgot that they was ever another alternative. The same can be said about power banks. We forget the glory that it brought to our lives all those years ago (a couple or year really) and now we just take them for granted. We get given then a gifts, as promotional products  and they can be bought even from your local ‘7 Eleven’. All of that doesn’t take away from the value they have added to our civilisation.

Now when we talk about revolution I know that this is a technological one and not a political one like the Russian Revolution or what ever. Even so it is a revolution precisely because it serves to turn the status quo on to it head and into something not previously seen or know. That is what it is about. So when you see a technological revolution take place you must recognise it for what it is and give it the salutation that it deserves. So power banks, “we salute you”!