Cloud Power Bank

The Cloud Power Bank Gives You Power

Power banks, or power stations, are steadily becoming very popular, along with the ever growing uses for our smart phones and other devices. One cannot win these energy wasting wars just with lowering your smart phone’s brightness or wiping away junk apps. It is imperative to have a quality, functional power bank.


Why power banks?

Now, everybody owns a smart phone, but not everybody has an electrical outlet nearby their vicinity. This is especially true for hikers and travelers, people who constantly struggle with their phones’ battery life, not to mention sellers that don’t explain specifications about their power banks, or how their power banks actually work. This leads to miscommunication and many people end up with the wrong cable outlets or incompatible power banks that do not suit their phones.

We will now explain the basic functions, pros, and cons of the power bank, and how to choose your next power bank for your device.


What is a power bank and how can you efficiently charge it?

The portable power bank is a device which stores energy for later use. It is usually made with a lithium ion battery with complex circuitry for better power flow control. That’s basically it.

When it comes to halting efficiency loss, one must always consider that it is not a good idea to overcharge. Charging the power bank from 20% to 90% is the optimum. Power charging efficiency can be exponentially lost if you take it too far. You seriously do not want to waste such energy.


Which devices are in need of constant juicing up?

If the devices which require a fast refill have a USB port, then it’s all cool. Power banks usually require a USB-charged device. This includes: GPS, cameras, GoPros, e-cigarettes, portable audio speakers and mp3 players, and, of course, tablets.


Li-ion and Li-poly Batteries

When it comes to batteries, Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries are the real deal. They are undoubtedly the most commonly used rechargeable cell types and are perfect for power banks.


What about resistance?

Keep in mind that when power is transferred from the power bank to the phone, the laws of physics state that there will always be some loss of power due to resistance, meaning it’s impossible to transfer 100% of the energy. The common power bank’s ratings go somewhere between 80% and 90%, as the accepted power standard. Be cautious when you see a very low cost 90% rating battery station. There is a 90% percent chance that they are LYING about their power bank’s rating.


What does mAh mean?

An avid power bank seeker has surely seen this abbreviation. “mAh” means milliamper-hours and it simply means power capacity. Mobile device batteries and power banks are measured by “mAh”. This means that the more mAh the device has, the more it can store energy.

Always check the capacity of your phone so you can match the needs with a decent power bank which greatly exceeds your phone’s capacity. For example, the iPhone usually has around 2900 mAh, so you should have a proper power bank with more than 7000 mAh worth of energy.


What about sockets?

Usually, the sockets are USB-charged. That means that it’s no problem to charge your bank from a pc, but it is seriously better to charge it via wall socket.

What is the Ezy Cloud Power Bank charger?

A proper power bank can be very hard to find. This is where the Ezy Cloud Power Bank portable charger comes in. With a whopping 8000 mAh capacity, and a Li-ion battery for a long lasting energy bolt, your mobile phone or small portable device will never run out of battery. It uses a USB port, and has a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

The Cloud includes a USB to Micro USB cable outlet for charging Power Bank and can charge any phone or device that utilizes a Micro USB input. The recharging time requires 8 to 10 hours, and there are offers for adapters available at additional cost: a choice of 8 Pin adapter, 30 Pin adapter or 3 in 1 cable with Micro USB, 8 Pin and 30 Pin connectors.

One must bear in mind that the Cloud power bank has a max input current of 1000 mAh, and an output of 2000 mAh / Output 2: 600 mAh, ensuring faster charging time and exceptional capacity. It is absolutely perfect for hiking and lengthy outdoor activities. Look no further, if you are a mountaineer or nature photographer.