Plenty of Promotional Power Banks For Promos

Promotional Power Banks

Promotional power banks just like all promotional products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are big ones. There are little ones. There are power banks will high capacity. There are some with low capacity. There is pretty much a power bank for any and all requirements. It all depends on what the brief is and what the probable requirement will be for the user. Also you need to think about the recipients. What kind of people will be receiving the product. Will is be trades  people like plumbers etc? Will it be banks or sales people? The kind of recipients of the gift will surely influence what kind of power bank you choose to go with. All this and more must be considered before making an informed decision.

All Suitable Power Banks

The lucky thing is that there a literally dozens of promotional power banks from which to choose. While it would be great to be able to go through all the power banks out there to point out their strengths, unfortunately these is not enough time to do that considering how many models exist. You simply could not go through all of them because there are so many. Ezy Power Banks, and it parent EzyPromos, alone has hundreds of models available. What would be useful would be to go through a few different models to give you and idea of some of the possibilities. Once you have an idea of some of the possibilities then you will have a better opportunity to be able to pick one that is suitable for your promotional marketing campaign.

The Power Bank Best For Your Promotional Marketing Campaign

The simplest things in life are usually the best. The same can be said about promotional power banks. As I already pointed out there are literally zillions of models available but the most popular are the ones that allow for good logo print. The most popular promo power banks are:

  • Digital Power Bank – Allows for all over digital print
  • Electra Power Bank – Nice epoxy cover digital print on 2 sides.
  • Essential Power Bank – Allows for screen print on case.
  • Navigate Power Bank – Aluminium case for nice laser engrave.

The above models are considered the most popular because they sell the best. This is not only because they are great for branding. They are also inexpensive and have the option of custom packaging.

Lets Go Solar

Seeing the rest of the world is going mad for solar why not do the same for your next promotional marketing campaign. Going solar is not just good for the environment it is also good for business. That’s the best thing about thinking green – you can help yourself whilst helping the world. After the weekends protests it sure looks like it needs it. Our solar power banks have all you need to do both. Will this promotional product you will be soaking up the eco-credentials that is so important in today’s world. They way you should think about it is, “do it for the planet if not for yourself”. It is definitely a win-win proposition.

Summer and Fun With Solar Power Banks

With summer coming it time to get ready to have some fun, in the sun, with everyone. Summer, after spring, is the greatest time of the year. It is a time for love, a time for laughter, and generally a time to let your hair down and have some serious fun. It the time of the year that people go on holidays. It is a time of the year when people go to the beach. If you live in Australia it is also the time of the festive season with both Christmas and New Year. So in short it is a great time to do a good promotion. In fact company promotions are in thick supply during the summer precisely because it is such a great time of the year to do one. People feel good and when they feel good it is easier to engage with them.

One of the greatest promotional products for a summer break is the solar power bank. Solar power banks are the not just an ordinary power bank. Although all power banks are great promotional gifts solar power banks are greatly suited as a summer promotional gift. What do people most identify with summer? It is the sun. Being sunny is what makes summer what it is. Fun! So the solar power bank personifies all that summer is about. I mean there would be no solar power bank without the one thing that make summer so cool. So a branded power bank is a logical summer promotional gift. Whether it is a gift with purchase like with a mobile phone, or just a straight out gift, it is a great idea. It can even be included in some sort of prize.

Solar power banks have been around for some time now. Our model (PB103) is a great idea of what this promotional gift should be about. It is;

  • Colourful
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to print
  • Comes with customer packing if needed
  • Can use multiple attachments
  • Suitable with most mobile phones

So the question should not be if you should incorporate a solar power bank or solar charger (as they are also know) into your summer promotions. The answer is a resounding yes! Make this summer a summer to remember and get on board the groove train and have some summer fun.

Solar Power Banks Great Travel Gifts

More and more people are travelling these days and the size of the travel industry keeps growing and growing year after year. According to the WTTC, last year travel and tourism grew 3.9 percent, which was above global GDP growth of 3.2 percent. Travel contributed a record $8.8 trillion and 319 million jobs to the world economy. People are travelling all over the world and are constantly seeking out new destinations. There are still the hot spots like Croatia and Hawaii, but travellers are also going to more exotic destinations like Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What all of this means for both the travel industry itself and companies that want to appeal to travellers is that there are lots of opportunities for corporate gifts. There are heaps of promotional products which are appealing to the travel market. There are the sun creams, bags and caps, but one of the hottest items available now for travellers is solar power banks. Solar power banks are a great travel gift as they give the traveller some extra juice for their mobile devises such as mobile phones etc. Indeed there are lots or promotional power banks which would be great to consider when thinking about a good travel gift. It is just that the solar power bank stands out in the crowd. Especially with eco conscious travellers.

The solar power bank can be branded with your logo or message. In fact heaps of Fortune 500 companies has used a solar power bank in their promotion. Solar power banks are in the top five promotional gifts for travel. They include:

  • Solar Power Banks
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Travel Irons
  • Travel Pillows
  • Document Holders

There is also the added benefit of being able to customise the packaging for added impact.

Power Banks Still A Great Promotional Product

When new technology items come along it is often a question how long they will last. With USB flash drives they have never stopped being a sort after item. It was always thought that with the accent of cloud based storage that the need for physical storage like flash drives and hard drives would diminished. Fortunately that is not the case and flash drives still continue to be a great promotional item. They are inexpensive and great for printing logos and people still need them to transfer data which makes them practical.

So when power banks came along the question was how long they would last. Power banks and promotional power banks have been around for a few yours now. While they were slow to take off in the beginning they have become more of a staple technology item for people. Nowadays you can see people all around carrying power banks either in their pockets or bags or even attached to their smart phones. Even though smart phones are coming with bigger and better batteries they still need additional juice to get them through the day.

With smart phones they started off using G2 and G3 which allowed for some additional apps and uses. The progression to G4 increased this even more and the sudden increased download speeds meant that users were now able to utilise GPS and other features on their phones which they previously couldn’t. Now with the pending arrival of G5 the explosion of apps for ones smart phone is set to expand even further. All of this means that people will require even more energy for the phones to keep them going through the day.

All this brings us the the longevity of power banks. Far from being a short term fad they are set to continue to be an important accessory for time to come. What this means from the promotional products industry is that power banks will continue to be a popular item when it comes to promotional campaigns. And the beauty of promotional power banks is that they appeal to a large demographic. Unlike flash drive which were more for tech savvy people, power banks are for everyone. No matter how young or old you are you probably have a smart phone and if you have a smart phone you will need some extra juice at sometime or another.

Gold Bar Power Bank For Promotions

Are you looking for a fun way to help your brand stand out amongst your competitors? The Gold Bar promotional power bank is the perfect way to help promote your brand. Produced in the shape of a gold bar with a bold gold colour, this power bank offers plenty of logo printing space, and comes in three different capacities so you can select the best option for your brand.

Our Gold Bar power bank has a print space of 80mm x 10mm where you can have your logo or branding message either screen printed or digital printed; for extra style, your logo or branding can be laser engraved onto the power bank. Available in three capacities – 2000MAh, 2200MAh or 2600MAh, and great for charging a mobile phone or small portable device while on the go (also providing an emergency charge for tablets), these power banks are a great way for your clients and customers to remember who you are.

These branded power banks also come with a USB to micro USB cable so they are ready to gift or giveaway to customers and clients as soon as they arrive in your office. Do you need something more than a USB to micro USB cable? We have a range of additional adaptors and cables available for purchase including 8 or 30 pin adaptors and 3 in 1 cables.

For easy presentation, the Gold Bar power bank comes in a white box that you can easily add branded stickers to, however if looking for something a little more stylish, we have EVA black zippered pouches for professional presentation.

Branded power banks are an easy way to have your customers and clients remember who you are and what services you offer, and the Gold Bar Power Bank will certainly have you standing out from your competitors.

Power Banks For Sporting Events

The next time you are having an outdoor or sporting event you should consider promotional power banks. How many times have you spent a long day outdoors only to find that your mobile phone has run out of juice and has shut down. It is indeed a frustrating experience especially when you need to call that special someone or take a photo or whatever. How happy would you have been then to have had a power bank handle to top up your battery. Now think the value added to your brand when your customer reaches for a branded promotional power bank with your logo in that exact same situation. Brilliant!

Custom branded promotional power banks are a great way to extend your brand and build customer loyalty. They are great because:

  • Easy to brand
  • Have many models to choose from
  • Come in a variety of capacities
  • Have different packaging options
  • Different accessories available
  • Very handy when needed
  • Compact

So next time you are planning an outdoor or sporting event and need promotional merchandise consider a promotional power banks. Call Ezy Power Banks today for a quote.


A Promotional Product For Every Occasion

It takes all sorts of promotional products to make up a promotional campaign. Just as it takes all the colours of the rainbow to make a rainbow. At Ezy Power banks we have a huge range of promotional gift power banks to suit any promotional marketing campaign. We have everything form the basic Digital Power Bank to our custom shaped power banks. We basically have a mug for any occasion and price range.

However we are by no means limited to promotional power banks. As you may very well know Ezy Power Banks is part of a larger group of website operated by Ezypromos. Ezypromos is a supplier of a complete range of promotional products offering everything from promotional USB flash drives to customer apparel and workwear. So no matter what promotional product or gift you are after we can find it for you. In fact no order is too small (unless there is a supplier MOQ) and no product too hard to find. We can basically get you anything.

So next time you think promotional products think about US! Ezypromos (and Ezy Power Banks).

Pokemon Craze Increases Power Bank Usage

As you many know the Pokemon craze has hit hard and seems here to stay. The site of hoards of people chasing those little critters has been seen the world over. It seems every day there is news about the after effects of people engaging in the new Pokemon crazy. Whether is be people getting robbed or killed while doing it. Or stepping in to the path of traffic while crossing the road glued to their smart phone screens.

One consequence nobody foresaw was the effect the crazy activity would have on gamer’s mobile phone batteries. Simple staying connected to the internet for prolonged periods of time can drain a battery. So image how quickly people are using up the juice on their phones playing Pokemon. One solution to this would be to remain permanently hooked up to the power mains while playing Pokemon. Unfortunately this in not really a viable option when you are chasing a creature down a dark alley. The other more practical option is carrying a power bank.

Ezy Power Banks has a number of options available for companies wanting to take advantage of the Pokemon craze by handing their customers promotional power banks. Whether through a cross promotion or stand alone promotion giving your customer a promotional power bank has never been better. Your customers will love you for the gift no matter what but will especially be grateful heading down said dark alley knowing that they have an extra charge in case they find a critter or need to call the cops.

At Ezy Power Banks we have one of the largest promotional power banks ranges in the country. We have every thing from standard capacity power banks which hold enough power to charge your phone once per charge to high capacity power banks which can give you multiple charges. We have slim power banks that fit nicely in your purse, handbag or even wallet. And we have custom shaped power banks for when you need something special (like a Pokemon shaped power banks).

So whatever your needs contact Ezy Power Banks today for your next promotional campaign.