A Power Banks For Every Emergency

It is times like these that we realise how precious life is. All over the place our world has been falling apart since this Wuhan virus first came into existence. At first we didn’t think it would effect us but then it did. The first reaction from people was to panic and head for the super market. I remember thinking that I can handle not have toilet paper for a while but imagine they turn the electricity off. Now that would have been tragic. Luckily I have a lot of power banks courtesy of the job I have which is selling power banks. If it wasn’t for that simple fact I would have surely panicked.

There are a lot of zombie and pandemic style movies out there. I know I have seen my fair share and the kids definitely like to watch them. One common theme in all the films is that once the incident occurred people panic and flee. They all take their mobile phone though and I never see them charging them. I mean it is hard to charge your phone when you are running away from zombies. So what this would lead me to believe is that they are carrying power banks with them. It would not make sense otherwise. You never see them using one but you just know that that is the only logical explanation.

The question then is what kind of power bank is most suitable for a zombie apocalypse. Now that is not alway a straight forward answer. The answer to that question depends on the individual and the circumstances. If you think that you are going to have time to recharge more often and / or have a lower power requirement than it might be best to consider a lighter and lower capacity power bank. If on the other hand you will be using your devise often and won’t have the opportunity to charge your devise often then possibly a large power bank should be considered.

One has to also take into account the fact that it is not just mobile phones that people will need to recharge in an emergency. There are other devises such as torches etc which are very useful in such situations. That said it might not just be a question of how much capacity your power bank should have but also how many power banks you should bring with you.