Branded Solar power banks are great for eco marketing campaigns

Solar Power Bank For The Environment

Solar Power Banks are a great way to promote your ecological credentials. Nothing screams environmental conscious then the site of seeing solar panels in the outdoors converting sunlight into valuable electricity. Image what your customers will think of you when you give them their very own personal solar power plant to carry around with them. They will feel like Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla all wrapped up in one.

Portable solar power banks are not only great because of their eco credentials but are also very practical. You can charge then using a USB ports and always have that additional power you crave so much when you devises are near empty. Who doesn’t want backup power for the times them their devises fail them. There is nothing worse then being mid conversation only to have your phone cut out. It is the concept that the promotional power bank movement was build on. Having a power banks on hand is not only practical but it is almost a safety devise.

While the sun alone will not power this solar power bank, leaving it on a window sill will definitely recharge it. I tried it myself many times before offering it as a promotional item and believe me it works. I may take a couple of days to fully charge but you can slowly see the indicators move towards a full charge. When you will truly need it solar capabilities is when you are away from a power point or your USB port and need to top it up. Imagine being out camping knowing that leaving your solar power banks in the sun will give you that much needed boast.

So contact EzyPowerBanks for your next Eco Marketing Campaign.