Credit Card Promotional Power Bank

Slip Your Slim Power Bank In You Pocket

The great thing about living in the 21st century is that we get to enjoy all the technologies that people in the past would have only dreamed of. I remember when I was growing up and hanging around with my friends and talking about all the potential technologies that would exist in the future. We used to watch “Get Smart” so we were convinced that there would be shoes phones in the future. There was also talking about televisions being paper thin. There were also flying cars, space travel and all sorts of gadgets that we envisaged. One thing we didn’t predict was power banks, and we definitely could not have envisages slim power banks. I guess we were limited by what we saw on TV and up until then nobody could have predicted the technological revolution the mobile phone would herald in, not the gadgets that would follow.

One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century has been the mobile phone. What really topped it off was when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. The smart phone revolutionised the way we communicate and interact as a civilisation. Think of all the apps that now exist and all the things you can do with your phone like watching TV, filming and taking photos, getting directions to places you are going to and generally organising your life. It is an absolute marvel one which nobody could have predicted. All new invention lead to major innovations in other areas often in ways we could have never predicted.

One of the great innovations that the smart phone gave us is power banks. When we just had the standard mobile phones there was no need for additional battery power. The mobile phones would last for days after a single charge. With the advent of the smart phone all that changed which is when the power bank came into being. Now there is nothing particularly new about the power bank. We already had lithium batteries and the power banks was just a lithium battery wrapped up in a devise that we could safely take with us as extra power.

The great innovation that came with having portable power is the slim power bank. As when they first came into being power banks were chunky. They were big and heavy and were a bother to carry around. All that changed with the slim power bank. Now you can even carry them in your wallet like you would a credit card. You can attach them to your phone to carry around. They have really gone next level. It is the new found convenience of them that makes them such a great promotional product. In fact companies are increasingly branding them with their logos and gifting them to their customers.

So wouldn’t it be great to know what other gadgets await up in the future. Time will tell what other marvellous inventions humans have install. Let’s hope they have a positive contribution on our planet. Maybe we will even be able to solve climate change.