Picture Powercard Promotional Power Bank

Promote You Brand With This Slick Power Bank

The Pro Card Power Bank is a great way to promote your company logo, team logo, or promotional marketing campaign! It is a flawless combination of having a very useful technological device and having your logo printed on the said device, guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye. Nowadays everyone needs a power bank due to the fact that many phones just keep eating up so much energy, you simply can’t go without one proper, high-quality power bank. The Pro Card Power Bank has your back!

Here, at Ezy Power Banks, we work towards our valued goals to provide our customers with high-quality technological devices which suit their specific promotional needs. As a number one lead supplier in Australia for promotional power banks, we are fully dedicated to our craft and find out ways to help out in your promotional endeavors any way we can, as communication is very important and customer service is number one. One of the more suitable and sought after products for the general public is the Pro Card Power Bank!

The busy student is always up and running, and is always stressed out with phone calls and deadlines and apps which keep eating away precious energy. The cell phones provide the students with internet, the world is in their hands quite literally, and that costs so much precious energy, you got to be crazy not to own a proper power bank. This is where the Pro Card Power Bank comes in.

A good idea is to invest in a high-quality power bank, especially when the power bank is so slim it’s so easy to carry it anywhere you go. Not to mention the stylish, sleek colours and textures that go along with it, it’s got enough casual freakiness for everyone. But that’s not the only thing which makes it stand out from the other power banks.

It’s the perfect prototype product for your next marketing and promotional campaign. Why? Simply because we offer you the option of printing your very own idea or logo directly on the power bank! It’s the next big thing in promotional innovation and is guaranteed to catch anybody’s eye, with the technological advances and all. Power banks are an exceptionally great promotional scapegoat, while at the same time it’s the ultimate gift for your fellow colleagues.

Whether you present them to your friends, family, colleagues, clients, and customers, or sell them as promotional merchandise, the slim Pro Card Power Bank is here to delivery any promotional tasks you might need. Having your business logo or message has never been easier with the digital and screen printing we offer, it’s high-quality, super fast, and yields great results for any promotional campaign you might have!

Coming in at 90mm x 54mm x 6.8mm, the Pro Card Power Bank boasts a pretty hefty capacity of 2000 mAh. With a three hour charge time, a micro USB cable, and a universal Lithium Polymer battery, you will never worry making that important phone call or checking that really important email.

The Pro Card Power Bank is available in black, blue, green, pink, white and yellow colour, all of which are in perfect harmony with any logo you might have printed on the power bank. Your brand will stand out effortlessly and it will last for a long, long time. Your branding or logo print will be done in a digital print method or with a screening print method and you have up to 50mm x 86mm for your design or message. You can pick a logo or message of your own design and send us the specifications and design. It’s simple, easy, and fast.

We have a wide range and a variety of accessories available to go with our Pro Card Power Bank such as: 3-in-1 cables, custom USB cables, and a range of packaging options. The packaging options ensure that the gift is presented completely professionally and neatly. These include plain boxes, windowed boxes, and custom designed boxes.

We can assure you that the screen printing and digital printing stays there for a long, long time. The coloring options go in a wide array and we can also throw in a couple of ideas in case you don’t have a specific approach. Just say the word and it is done. The Pro Card Power Bank is the perfect promotional item for your campaign.