Power Banks in the Work Place

Power You Life With Power Banks

I was working on the construction site the other day and it was a beautiful sunny day to be outside working. I always enjoy working in construction as I gets me a bit of exercise and I enjoy doing manual labour. I can do also sorts of things including bricklaying and carpentry. I also used to do gyprocking (drywall installation) but I prefer to stay away from that and carpentry as I don’t like the dust. Especially when you are cutting timber there can be a lot of saw dust which really plays with my sinuses. It is good to have all my tools there including my power banks for when I need them.

These days on the site you see less and less cables lying around. I remember when I started everything was powered with extension leads. You would literally have dozens of cable overhead going to the different trades peoples work stations. It was a real hazard although generally you were required to keep the cables off the ground. These days you still see the cables but there are far less. That is because worker tend to use cordless tools which they can work with without the need to extension cables. Just like your power bank they can be charged and then taken to where ever they are needed for use. You even see banks of power banks being charges at the same time because as we know the mobile phone has become as necessary a tool as a power drill or any other tool.

It is interesting what life would be like with power banks and rechargeable power tools. The younger generation has no idea what life was like before the lithium battery came along and enabled all this portable power. No instead of a million cables and the attachments that come with them you are able to carry a simple gadget to power all your devises. With power tools these days the lithium battery is interchangeable with all sorts of other tools. So you can have one charge and battery which can be used on all your power tool. So you can have a drill, drop saw, grinder etc and all you need to do is pull the battery out of one and put it in the other for use.

Technology has come a long way. We can be sure that the way things are going there is no telling what will come along in the future. Who would have even dreamed about a power bank all those years ago let alone the mobile phone you use to charge it with.