King Power Bank

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King Power Bank

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  • Product Dimension

    94 x 22 x 22 mm (L x W x H)


    2200 mAh
    2000 mAh
    2600 mAh

    Lead Time

    3-4 Weeks

    • Wood Power Bank
    • Battery Cell: Li-ion
    • Recharging time: 3 hours
    • Input: 800mA


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Product Description

Do you need a professional looking promotional power bank to help promote your business? If so, the King Power Bank is a great choice. With a stylish wooden case with chrome style trim, this power bank will look great in any office setting or in any home.

The King Power Bank has some great features including built-in protection functions to stabilise the output voltage, prevent over charging and short circuit. It is suitable for charging most smart phones including iPhone, Samsung, HTC and Nokia. Our King II Power Bank includes a USB to micro USB charge cable, and there are a number of other cables also available at an extra cost.

The King II Power Bank comes in four timber shades and features four logo printing spaces of 16mm x 96mm giving you plenty of logo and branding space.. You can have your logo screen printed or digital printed, both of which look great.

Today’s world of power-consuming devices, having a hefty and durable power bank at your disposal is absolutely necessary. If you want your phone to remain charged and ready you must always have a power bank. We cannot stress enough the importance of the technological quality, the durability, and the longevity of the power bank. If you are seeking top-shelf promotional products for your company or business, look no further than the King Power Bank.

Ezy Power Banks is the number leading supplier of promotional power banks in the Australian market dedicated for the supplying of promotional products for corporal and personal use. Equipped with a vast range of promotional power banks in our stock, ready to meet all your requirements, we have the product which we think would fit in perfectly with your office environment.

Nothing beats a classic like the King Power Bank. With a sleek and woody texture, these power banks are made to blend in with any working or school environment. The pristine wood texture and the minimalist approach are favored by many young adults and businessmen. Not to mention the plain background makes a perfect area for you to print your company’s logo or promotional idea.

The King Power Bank is a professional and minimalistic power bank for promoting the name of your business. It is one of the more sought favorites among our customers and it gives you complete satisfaction of a standard power bank, equipped with digital or screen printing options. You can print any logo you’d like, just name it. The wooden colour makes it worthwhile, and goes great with any indoor setting and offices.

We have many different tastes and many different professions and we prioritize things differently. So, the King comes in different capacities: 2000 MAh, 2200 Mah, and 2600 MAh, so if you prefer the King size, the 2600 MAh is for you, with a secured lead time of 3-4 weeks, an imput of 800 mA and a recharging time of 3 hours. It is carefully made with a lithium ion battery and you won’t need to care about overcharging, all thanks to the complex circuitry.

Speaking of which, as one of the more commonly used batteries Lithium-Polymer batteries are the real deal. They are popular rechargeable cell types and are perfect for charging phones and tablets. When you are looking for high-quality power bank batteries, then the li-poly is your go to characteristic.

The King Power Bank has a couple of very handy features, such as the built-in protection function for stabilizing the output voltage. It prevents short circuiting and overcharging and it is suitable for charging most smart phones such as: the iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, and HTC. Just make sure always to check if your power bank is charged up.

In addition, the King Power Bank comes in three colour options, that is to say timber shades, and we offer printing logos on any of the four spaces of 16mm x 96mm which is pretty roomy. Digitally or screen printed, your logo is guaranteed to remain unscathed for many years.

The King Power Bank includes a USB to micro USB cable, and there are also other varieties of cables available for an extra fee. This stylish power bank is guaranteed to attract attention and promote your product and company. King Power Bank is one of the most demanded products Ezy Power Banks has to offer.

If you need a professional looking power bank for your business, our King Power Bank is a great choice.