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Credit Card Promotional Power Bank

10 Situations When You'll Know You need Slim Power Banks

When it comes to power banks people really don't know very much. They know they can charge their phones. They know they can charge other USB devises but they don't know much more. Some would argue that there is not much more to know. I beg too different. I know that there is a lot that people should and can know about power banks but I am not going to go into that just now. I would rather focus on when you will need your power bank. More precisely "10 situations when you'll know you need slim power banks". When… Read More

Corporate Christmas Gifts

Branded Power Banks Bring Christmas Joy

I have said it before and I will say it again, this year has definitely been one to forget. What started off being so positive has truly cause a lot of disappointment to a lot of people. Not least to those who have lost loved ones or have had this dastardly virus themselves. This year was meant to be the start of a new decade. It was meant to be a time for change. Instead it became a nightmare for so many people and continues to be for so many more. Thankfully we seem to have gotten through the worst… Read More

Electra Printed Power Bank

All Power Banks Great for Promotional Products

It can often be hard to determine what is a good promotional product and what is not. Sometimes it is even the case that a certain promotional product is good for some campaigns but not others. There are even other scenarios where a promotional product comes in different variations which influence when is should and should not be used. Now more than ever it is important to get it right when choosing a promotional items. Budgets are tight and customers are more scattered than they have even been. Promotional power banks are the kind of item that comes in different… Read More

A Power Banks For Every Emergency

A Power Banks For Every Emergency

It is times like these that we realise how precious life is. All over the place our world has been falling apart since this Wuhan virus first came into existence. At first we didn't think it would effect us but then it did. The first reaction from people was to panic and head for the super market. I remember thinking that I can handle not have toilet paper for a while but imagine they turn the electricity off. Now that would have been tragic. Luckily I have a lot of power banks courtesy of the job I have which is… Read More

Credit Card Promotional Power Bank

Slip Your Slim Power Bank In You Pocket

The great thing about living in the 21st century is that we get to enjoy all the technologies that people in the past would have only dreamed of. I remember when I was growing up and hanging around with my friends and talking about all the potential technologies that would exist in the future. We used to watch "Get Smart" so we were convinced that there would be shoes phones in the future. There was also talking about televisions being paper thin. There were also flying cars, space travel and all sorts of gadgets that we envisaged. One thing we… Read More