Chocolate shaped power bank

Importing Power Banks and Promo Power Banks

There was a time when power banks first came out that there was no problem bringing them in bulk from overseas. Ever Tom, Dick and Harry was bringing them in and they were no even paying too much attention about the quality of the products or the factory that was making them. At first it didn’t prove problematic but then there was the problem with the Boeing Dreamliner, which had problems with their lithium batteries catching on fire. Then there were a couple of incidences at DHL’s facility in Hong Kong with goods catching on fire. After that airlines took notice and it increasingly became difficult to import power banks or send them in bulk across the world.

The good things now is that most factories that jumped on board and were ill-equip to follow the strict methods needed when manufacturing promotional power banks have disappeared. The market obviously wouldn’t tolerate it and the very incidences I mentioned scared the hell out of the remaining ones. What you mostly have left now are power bank manufacturers, predominately in China, that manufacture to strict standards as stipulated by new international treaties. Whilst not all the dodgy factories have been weeded out, most have been. Although this is the case there are still restrictions importing bulk power banks.

Airlines today still enforce strict conditions when transporting bulk promotional power banks. Some still even refuse to take them at all. For this reason it is best to go to a local supplier that would have them in stock, such as this popular promo power bank, or the many other promotional power banks on offer. Your local supplier will have stock that they have imported either via sea or via air using one of the few freight forwarders that will still transport them. What’s more they most likely source their power banks from reputable factories which has been around for a long while and actually know how to make them safely. It is always better to go to a local supplier with insurance and a solid sourcing background then to risk going direct and left holding a dud.

Even though airline won’t fly bulk power banks you are still allowed to take them on board in your hand luggage. So long as you don’t exceed a certain mAh then you will have no problem taking you promo power bank with you on holidays or on a business trip. I guess this is good to know because nobody would want to be left without their promotional power bank when they need it most. But if you are looking at importing a whole heap of them then think again because you might be left wanting on the other end when they don’t make it on that flight because the airline has banned them. When it comes to promotional products, the promo power banks is still a powerful marketing tool.