high capacity power banks are a great promotional tool.

High Capacity Power Banks for Premium Events

Power banks have become very popular in the last couple of years. The proliferation of smart phones and mobile apps has made the need for portable power event more appealing. Most consumer electronics brands have their own brand power bank. There are also heaps of generic types out there in the market. So the access to portable power has never been greater for the consumer.

Lots of people these days carry multiple devises. So they might have their personal phone plus their work phone and various other gadgets like portable gaming machines. It is a hard task to power all of these gadgets and even harder to do it on the road or away from home. This is where high capacity power banks come into play. While smaller power banks have any thing between 1600mAh and 3000mAh the larger power banks have anything up to 12000mAh and beyond.

When conducting a premium promotional campaign where you are wanting to impress the customers it is a good idea to look at utilising a higher capacity promotional power bank. They are even more practical then a standard one and the perceived value by the customer is much high. While they might be more expensive you get more bang for you buck.  Some of our range includes:

  • The Edison – a smart aluminium finish.
  • The Elite – portable charger for your mobile phone or small portable device.
  • The Live Power Bank – a 8000 mAh portable charger. Recharge most phones on the market 5-6 times.

The above are by no means the limit of out options. To view our complete range Click.

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