Swiss Solar Power Bank

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Swiss Solar Power Bank

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Micro USB Cable
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  • Product Dimension

    101.5 x 26.5 x 22 mm (L x W x H)


    4000 mAh

    Lead Time

    3-4 Weeks

    • Universal Li-Polymer battery
    • Mini Solar Panels
    • Easy one touch operation
    • Recharging Time: 3 hours
    • Input: 900mA / Output: 1800mA


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Colour options:

Branding options:

Screen Print
Digital Print


Print Area Front: 60 x 80mm (L x W)

Product Description

With a three hour recharge window, the Swiss Solar is a promotional power bank for the adventurer. This is a durable water and dust resistant solar charger which features a power indicator and flashlight, along with a carry pouch and carabiner.

Available in three bright colours – yellow, blue and green – the Swiss Solar has a print space of 60mm x 80mm with a screen print or digital print option. While this power bank does have a solar charge, it also comes with a micro USB charge cable to use when you’re at home or at work.

If your business is within the adventure or lifestyle category, this will make a great promotional giveaway, gift or promotional merchandise option. With so many features your customers will remember who you are every time they use the power bank.

If your customers are always on the go, hiking, camping, 4WDing and more, our Swiss Solar promotional power bank will be a well received product.

These days mobile phones are used for much more then just make or taking a phone call. People plan there whole lives using there smart phones. With all the millions of phone apps available people rely on their phones for an unbelievably large range of tasks. Without a phone most people are lost. Which it is why they need some extra energy to get them through the page. All the social media and web surfing is energy sucking.

So not only is this product good looking it is also very practical. The solar utilising capacity is indeed impressive but it is the general practical use which your customer will appreciate the most. And having such a cool devise will get their friends and colleagues talking which will bring additional attention to your brand. Every time your customer pulls this out of there bag or pocket they will be thinking of you.

We also have custom packaging options available for this product if you require. The packaging can be custom branded with your logo and message (MOQ may apply). We can also fully customise the packaging in different shapes and sizes or to include other products yo may be providing as a pack.

EzyPowerBanks have different charging cable options.This product uses the basis micro USB cable which has a standard USB port for it to be plugged into computer for charging. We also have other charging cable options for those that require it. We also have a 3-in-1 cable which has different USB connectors to accomodate a variety of phones and devise. They include:

  • Micro USB port – for most smart phones.
  • Mini USB port – for older devises and phones
  • Lightning USB port – for the iPhone

We also can arrange C-Type USB connector for customers that have the new iPhone.

The USB cable can be used to connect to a computer for charging or a power adaptor. It is important to ensure that any power adaptor is approved for this product.