Dominator Power Bank

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Dominator Power Bank

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  • Product Dimension

    77 x 60 x 24 mm (L x W x H)


    5600 mAh

    Lead Time

    3-4 Weeks.

    • Battery Cell: Li-ion
    • Recharging Time: 6 - 8 hours
    • Input Max Current: 1000mA
    • Output Max Current: 1000mA


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Print Area Front: 50 x 41mm (L x W)

Product Description

The Dominator Power Bank is a portable charger for your mobile phone or portable device that can recharge from a USB port. Power Bank contains a powerful 5600 mAh LiPo cell that will charge current mobile phones with 4 charging cycles, or give a tablet a 70% charge approx. Gift boxed with 3 in 1 connector to use with most current mobile devices on the market. Takes 3-4 hours to charge. Optional box decoration or EVA black zippered pouch available at additional cost.

The Dominator Power Bank is a state-of-the-art energy preserving technology, especially designed to charge a phone extremely fast and is one of the most efficient and speedy power banks you can find on the market. As a power bank which relies on speed, rather than capacity, you can be assured that this power bank will be proven as an absolute champion among the energy conservation devices, carefully crafted and manufactured to meet your expectations.

For those of you who value speed and do not have time to wait for your phone to recharge, the Dominator exceeds all other devices regarding the race against time. The Dominator’s name says it all, it is a portable charger for your mobile phone, as well as your portable device and it can recharge from a USB port/micro USB.

Ezy Power Banks, as a number one lead supplier in Australia for promotional power banks, is fully dedicated to our customers’ needs and demands. We communicate, assess any requirements you might have, and recommend the products you might find suited for your needs. We value the stability, quality, and consistency of our products. This is where the Dominator comes in.

We cannot think of a more suitable example than the Dominator Power Bank when lightning-fast speed is required. Exceptionally suited for the more time-driven customers who just can’t seem to spend their precious time dilly-dallying with high capacity power banks, they just go straight for the instant recharge power banks, made for instantly charging their phones or devices.

The Dominator’s characteristics are destined for greatness. It specializes in speedy recharging and relies on USB ports. It’s a vulgar display of power, containing an almighty 5600 mAh Li-Poly battery cell. The Lithium ion battery never fails to amaze, as it is one of the highest quality batteries you can find on the market. The battery cell charges your mobile phones and devices with 4 charging cycles, guaranteeing a very fast recharge time.

Charging your tablet is a walk in the park, and it goes the same for other devices. It is boxed with 3 in 1 connectors, and it takes 3-4 hours of recharging time, the fastest we have here at Ezy Power Banks! It is truly a magnificent piece of hardware and offers a technological solution for your power bank needs. There is also an optional box decoration, the EVA black zippered pouch available at additional cost.

Nowadays a busy student, the hard working labor man, or the rush-hour businessman cannot work properly without a quality power bank. You will make those couple of phone calls, you will check your email on your phone, and voila – you are down to 5% battery charge. If that doesn’t add up to your needless stress, I don’t know what else does. Today’s apps and cell phone software just effortlessly manage to devour your phone’s energy. This is why we must invest in a proper power bank which mitigates any energy fallout we might find ourselves fighting against.

The Dominator solves these problems and surpasses any obstacles regarding the quickest cell phone recharging on the market. If you are looking for a high-quality power bank which exceeds your expectations, the Dominator simply dominates the other power banks with sheer haste. This is all thanks to the lithium polymer battery equipped with 4 charging cycles which guarantees high quality. It’s simply a wonder device of today’s technology.

But that’s not all. Here at Ezy Power Banks we got everything covered. We offer the unique option for the ultimate aid in promotional product campaigns and endeavors. You have the choice of printing your very own logo directly on the Dominator power bank! You can pick a logo of your choice, be it for personal use or promoting your company, guaranteed to put your product directly in the spotlight of the market.

The printing options come in two – the digital printing way and the screen printing way. It is absolutely necessary when it comes to promoting your product or company, as it guarantees no eyes will oversee your logo when it is placed on the Dominator power bank. It’s a two in one combination – a fine piece of technology, and your logo on it. Ezy Power Banks offer you the option of having your logo or message printed, and the Dominator’s minimalistic texture and color just emphasize the logo with ease.

We can assure you that the screen printing and digital printing stays there for a long, long time. The coloring options goes in a wide array and we can also throw in a couple of ideas in case you don’t have a specific approach. Just say the word and it is done!

The Dominator includes a USB to micro USB cable, and there are also other varieties of cables available for an extra fee. Adaptors are available at additional cost, as well as the optional EVA black zippered pouch, also available at additional cost. This stylish power bank is guaranteed to attract attention and promote your product and company. The Dominator dominates any other power bank when speed is put into question.