Gold Bar Power Bank

Gold Bar Power Bank is Back

If you are looking for decent power banks which keep your devices at the ready and spruced up with a beaming luxury look like “Fort Knox”, then look no further! This is where the Ezypowerbanks Gold Bar comes in. Your brand and promotional campaign will stand out and surely catch attention with one of these Gold Bar Power Banks.

The now popular portable power bank is a very necessary device which stores energy for your mobile devices for later use. It is usually made with a lithium ion battery which optimizes capacity.

Our Gold Bar Power Bank is simply perfect for customers with eccentric taste who search for an exotic twist to their promotional campaign. It is a bold promotional item which also offers the option of printing your very own logo or company image. With a larger printing area, we guarantee flawless prints and long lasting quality.

The Gold Bar Power Bank works with a USB to micro USB cable port for charging any device with a USB input. It has a Universal Li-Polymer battery changing station and it yields three different capacity measures: a 2000 MAh, a 2200 MAh, and a 2600 MAh capacity, guaranteed to hold optimum energy for storage. This secures a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks.

There are a number of other adaptors available at an additional cost including an 8 or 30 pin adaptor or a 3 in 1 cable that has a micro USB, 8 pin and 30 pin connector.

It also has a logo print space of 80mm x 10mm, and not only that but you can choose between screen printing OR digitally printing the logo of your liking. If perchance you would like a bit more “zing” to your promotional power bank, we can even laser-engrave your logo for the ultimate aesthetic touch.

Things you should know about power banks

One of the most important things to keep in mind about the almighty power bank is the “MAh” abbreviation, which means miliamper-hours, indicating power capacity. The mobile devices we use are measured by this abbreviation, and to explain things a bit further – the more MAh the device has, the more energy it can store within. Simple as that.

If, for example, your phone measures a good capacity and weighs around 2900 mAh, you should consider buying a proper power bank with more than 7000 mAh worth of energy, as a simple rule of thumb. You should always check the energy capacity of your phone, which can be found in the manual in the packaging, so that you can evaluate the most important information whether the phone matches a decent power bank. It should not exceed the capacity of your phone.

The Ezypowerbanks Gold Bar is great for charging mobile phones, tablets, or any portable device that can be recharged from a USB port. It can easily recharge full “tank” on most mobile phones. It should be noted that it is perfect for providing a tablet with an emergency charge of energy.

One more thing we should add, there is also the option for an EVA Black Zippered Pouch for a professional style and look.

Do not hesitate to grab one of these Power Bank Gold Bars with its Lithium-Polymer batteries which guarantee longevity and flamboyancy. If your business is in need of a promotional power bank that stands out, you simply can’t miss the Ezypowerbanks Gold Bar.