Custom Shaped Promotional Power Banks

Are you in need of a custom promotional item that helps promote your brand, and get your services noticed?

For many businesses, competing for business is tough; you often need something to set you apart from your competitors, whether it be the services you offer or the promotional product you use to get your name out there.

Our Custom Shaped Power Banks are a great way to get your brand seen, with power banks designed to suit your requirements. If you’ve ever wanted complete control over how your promotional power bank looks, the Custom Shaped power bank is a great starting point.

Getting your custom power bank made is easy – send your design to us and we’ll send you a mock-up of your design for review. Once you’re happy, and the mock-up is approved, your power bank design will be sent to production, packed and then dispatched directly to you.

Because these power banks ae custom shaped, you have complete control over the design elements including your logo placement and the branding message you want your customers to see.

These power banks are available in three different capacities – 2000 mAh, 2600 mAh and 3000 mAh which gives you a range of options to choose from. With a universal Lithium-Polymer battery, our custom power banks are well made and durable. They are perfect for using in the office or at home, and provide a great charging option for your staff, customers and clients who are always travelling.

These power banks will charge modern mobile phones and small devices, which means your customers and staff won’t miss those important phone calls or emails. The Custom Shaped Power Bank is a great gift idea for new clients, as part of a conference pack, or added into a gift basket for any time of the year.

Our clients are loving our Custom Shaped branded power banks – easy to order, and you get exactly what you need to help promote your business. Pens and notepads are easy promotional products to come across, but if you want something that puts you in front of your competitors, let Ezy Powerbanks provide you with your Custom Shaped Power Bank.

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