Screen Print

Screen-printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to acquire a desired image. This method is most commonly used for flat surface power banks. It can be printed with 4 solid colours. With this method of print the durability of the print is depending on the user handling of the power banks.

Laser Engrave

Laser engraving is used to create long lasting branding. Due to the procedure of laser engraving it can only be done on metal power banks. The laser beam engraves the branding on the upper surface of the power bank, and the colour of engrave is basically the base colour of the metal.

Full colour print

Full colour print designs are great for artworks that can reach the edge of the power bank or wrap around the body of the power bank.

Digital Print

Digital print allows you to print to the edge with detailed artworks. Because it is printed from a digital format it is easier to print finer details of the design.

Pad Print

Pad printing can be applied to non-flat surface or flat surface. Cylinder power banks use this method because the surface wraps around. The branding / image is transferred from a rubber pad to the power bank surface with the pad printing machine.