Solar Power Banks – How It Can Help Your Business Grow

Many residential owners and businesses of all sectors and sizes are now using solar energy, and it’s no surprise why. Apart from its financial benefits, solar power is good for the environment, a free source of energy, can boost your electricity independence and provide unlimited source of power for everyone.

Speaking of solar energy, the most popular ones that are important to all of us are solar power banks. As we continue to innovate digitally, we discover more portable electronics to make our lives much easier. Solar power banks have become increasingly popular and offer convenience for the consumers.

Solar Power Banks For Business

Solar power banks are not only useful to keeping your phone always charged, but they make great marketing tools as well. Thousands of people are using Smartphones nowadays. By handing out these promotional items, you can easily get your brand message out into the wide audience.

Here are some of the other significant benefits of promotional solar power banks;

Lightweight And Compact

Power banks are portable gadgets that you can carry wherever you go. They are a convenient choice for traveling, camping, hiking and any other outdoor activities. Thus, the recipients can easily carry them along to ensure their phones are always charged, plus enabling brands to gain consistent exposure.

It’s Popular

Solar power banks have become so popular over the last few years. They come in all shapes and sizes with different specs and features. Solar power banks are often shared among people, which means your brand logo or message imprinted on it will get the much-desired awareness.

Low Cost

Solar power banks are very affordable considering the tons of benefits that one can get. They are available in various price points. You can buy in bulk to get the best deals. Indeed, these power banks make a great choice for budget promotions and mass distribution.

It’s Reliable And Convenient

If you are going to be away from your home for a long time, be sure to add a solar power bank in your list of must-have items.


If you are traveling, it might be hard to find a place where you can charge when your phone battery gets drained. A solar power bank is the solution for this situation. They are compatible with almost all types of electronic devices and allow you to charge anytime and anywhere.

Charging while traveling is no longer a headache. All you have to do is charge the power bank using sunlight to turn it into electricity and use a USB cable to charge your mobile phone.

Final Thought

If you are looking for a cost-effective marketing giveaway or a product that can help your business build a good impression on your customers and prospects, consider branded solar power banks.

In the era of mobility and fast communication, these power banks won’t disappoint. Every single person uses a Smartphone and they all rely on battery power. Fortunately, power banks are here to solve this problem. Grab this opportunity as a business to reach more audiences and make a long lasting impression.

10 Situations When You’ll Know You need Slim Power Banks

When it comes to power banks people really don’t know very much. They know they can charge their phones. They know they can charge other USB devises but they don’t know much more. Some would argue that there is not much more to know. I beg too different. I know that there is a lot that people should and can know about power banks but I am not going to go into that just now. I would rather focus on when you will need your power bank. More precisely “10 situations when you’ll know you need slim power banks“.

  1. When your phone runs out of power: This is the most obvious one. There will come times where your phone simply runs out of power. That is a time when you will know you need a slim power bank.
  2. During an emergency: If you every find yourself in an emergency then you will know the power of having portable power. Especially if it is a big emergency.
  3. When your friend needs power: There is nothing like having a friend tell you their phone is dead and you can’t do anything about it. This will be a time you wish you had that slim power bank.
  4. When you are on holidays: Long segments away from home or on the road are a great time to remember that you need some power in your pocket.
  5. When you find out your phone battery is too small: It is often too late when you come to this point but still it is sure to spur some reflection.
  6. When your car breaks down: You will need to call the road service but unfortunately if you forgot to charge your phone before leaving home you will not be able to. Especially if you are on hold for ages and your phone dies.
  7. When you are walking your dog: Dog walking can be time consuming and you might find yourself bored and wanting to call someone. I know when I do they my phone tends to go dead after forty minute so a slim power bank always comes to mind.
  8. All of the above and more.
  9. Sometimes when you least expect it.
  10. Every single day of your life.

So really the more pointed question would be when having slim power banks available would not be of benefit. The answer to that is never. As long as you have a mobile phone, indeed as long as they exist there will be a place for slim power banks. Slim power banks are also called credit card power banks in case you didn’t already know that.

Branded Power Banks Bring Christmas Joy

I have said it before and I will say it again, this year has definitely been one to forget. What started off being so positive has truly cause a lot of disappointment to a lot of people. Not least to those who have lost loved ones or have had this dastardly virus themselves. This year was meant to be the start of a new decade. It was meant to be a time for change. Instead it became a nightmare for so many people and continues to be for so many more. Thankfully we seem to have gotten through the worst of it. Whilst this Wuhan corona virus still persists there are signs that it is dissipating. There is even talk of a cure or vaccine in the not too distant future. We can only hope.

With Christmas coming there is a chance to at least bring some joy into our lives. It might not be as joyous as years past but that is not to say that it can’t at least be good. It anything it will give us a chance to connect with friends and family. It will also give is a chance to connect with all our customers, many of which have been locked up for months now, isolating to keep themselves safe. It is a good time to think of what we might send them as a token of our appreciation. Giving them branded power banks is as good a gift as any to give during the giving season.

Branded power banks have always been a great gift to give at anytime of the year. There is always a demand for them as people continue to use their mobile phone en masse. This time of the year is especially good for gifting a branded power bank because it is a time when people get new devises that require a little bit of extra juice. It is also a great time to remind your clients and customers who much they mean to you. Especially during this time of crisis custom loyalty needs to be rewarded and what better reward than a promotional power bank. They are so many different types to chose from so why not give it a go.

All Power Banks Great for Promotional Products

It can often be hard to determine what is a good promotional product and what is not. Sometimes it is even the case that a certain promotional product is good for some campaigns but not others. There are even other scenarios where a promotional product comes in different variations which influence when is should and should not be used. Now more than ever it is important to get it right when choosing a promotional items. Budgets are tight and customers are more scattered than they have even been. Promotional power banks are the kind of item that comes in different variations that warrant consideration.

Promotional power banks have been a popular promotional item for some time now. They are definitely not new. Even though they are not a new item they have proven to be an enduring promotional product. In almost any campaign and practically any industry uses promotional power banks to promote they company or event. It used to be that just telecommunication companies or phone companies used them because they were most associated with mobile phone handset. Not anymore. Now you find them anywhere and everywhere.

Do I chose high capacity or low capacity power banks?

As I mentioned before even within certain products there are variable which will influence what type of that product is suitable for you. With power banks it is no different. You might want to choose a low capacity promotional powerbank or you might opt for high capacity promotional power banks. The decision will invariably depend on what is required by your campaign. With low capacity you are usually talking about 1800 mAh to 2400 mAh. With high capacity it is usually from 4000 mAh to 1200 mAh and beyond. The type you buy depends on what you are targeting.

With the smaller capacities you would assume that the device would be used more for smaller devises such as mobile phones. This would probably cover most consumers as they would have the opportunity to recharge their devises. Then there are other customers like adventure customers who need their power banks for longer stints. These kind of people would need something with higher capacity as their ability to recharge is a lot more limited than your average person.

A Power Banks For Every Emergency

It is times like these that we realise how precious life is. All over the place our world has been falling apart since this Wuhan virus first came into existence. At first we didn’t think it would effect us but then it did. The first reaction from people was to panic and head for the super market. I remember thinking that I can handle not have toilet paper for a while but imagine they turn the electricity off. Now that would have been tragic. Luckily I have a lot of power banks courtesy of the job I have which is selling power banks. If it wasn’t for that simple fact I would have surely panicked.

There are a lot of zombie and pandemic style movies out there. I know I have seen my fair share and the kids definitely like to watch them. One common theme in all the films is that once the incident occurred people panic and flee. They all take their mobile phone though and I never see them charging them. I mean it is hard to charge your phone when you are running away from zombies. So what this would lead me to believe is that they are carrying power banks with them. It would not make sense otherwise. You never see them using one but you just know that that is the only logical explanation.

The question then is what kind of power bank is most suitable for a zombie apocalypse. Now that is not alway a straight forward answer. The answer to that question depends on the individual and the circumstances. If you think that you are going to have time to recharge more often and / or have a lower power requirement than it might be best to consider a lighter and lower capacity power bank. If on the other hand you will be using your devise often and won’t have the opportunity to charge your devise often then possibly a large power bank should be considered.

One has to also take into account the fact that it is not just mobile phones that people will need to recharge in an emergency. There are other devises such as torches etc which are very useful in such situations. That said it might not just be a question of how much capacity your power bank should have but also how many power banks you should bring with you.

Slip Your Slim Power Bank In You Pocket

The great thing about living in the 21st century is that we get to enjoy all the technologies that people in the past would have only dreamed of. I remember when I was growing up and hanging around with my friends and talking about all the potential technologies that would exist in the future. We used to watch “Get Smart” so we were convinced that there would be shoes phones in the future. There was also talking about televisions being paper thin. There were also flying cars, space travel and all sorts of gadgets that we envisaged. One thing we didn’t predict was power banks, and we definitely could not have envisages slim power banks. I guess we were limited by what we saw on TV and up until then nobody could have predicted the technological revolution the mobile phone would herald in, not the gadgets that would follow.

One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century has been the mobile phone. What really topped it off was when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. The smart phone revolutionised the way we communicate and interact as a civilisation. Think of all the apps that now exist and all the things you can do with your phone like watching TV, filming and taking photos, getting directions to places you are going to and generally organising your life. It is an absolute marvel one which nobody could have predicted. All new invention lead to major innovations in other areas often in ways we could have never predicted.

One of the great innovations that the smart phone gave us is power banks. When we just had the standard mobile phones there was no need for additional battery power. The mobile phones would last for days after a single charge. With the advent of the smart phone all that changed which is when the power bank came into being. Now there is nothing particularly new about the power bank. We already had lithium batteries and the power banks was just a lithium battery wrapped up in a devise that we could safely take with us as extra power.

The great innovation that came with having portable power is the slim power bank. As when they first came into being power banks were chunky. They were big and heavy and were a bother to carry around. All that changed with the slim power bank. Now you can even carry them in your wallet like you would a credit card. You can attach them to your phone to carry around. They have really gone next level. It is the new found convenience of them that makes them such a great promotional product. In fact companies are increasingly branding them with their logos and gifting them to their customers.

So wouldn’t it be great to know what other gadgets await up in the future. Time will tell what other marvellous inventions humans have install. Let’s hope they have a positive contribution on our planet. Maybe we will even be able to solve climate change.

Power You Life With Power Banks

I was working on the construction site the other day and it was a beautiful sunny day to be outside working. I always enjoy working in construction as I gets me a bit of exercise and I enjoy doing manual labour. I can do also sorts of things including bricklaying and carpentry. I also used to do gyprocking (drywall installation) but I prefer to stay away from that and carpentry as I don’t like the dust. Especially when you are cutting timber there can be a lot of saw dust which really plays with my sinuses. It is good to have all my tools there including my power banks for when I need them.

These days on the site you see less and less cables lying around. I remember when I started everything was powered with extension leads. You would literally have dozens of cable overhead going to the different trades peoples work stations. It was a real hazard although generally you were required to keep the cables off the ground. These days you still see the cables but there are far less. That is because worker tend to use cordless tools which they can work with without the need to extension cables. Just like your power bank they can be charged and then taken to where ever they are needed for use. You even see banks of power banks being charges at the same time because as we know the mobile phone has become as necessary a tool as a power drill or any other tool.

It is interesting what life would be like with power banks and rechargeable power tools. The younger generation has no idea what life was like before the lithium battery came along and enabled all this portable power. No instead of a million cables and the attachments that come with them you are able to carry a simple gadget to power all your devises. With power tools these days the lithium battery is interchangeable with all sorts of other tools. So you can have one charge and battery which can be used on all your power tool. So you can have a drill, drop saw, grinder etc and all you need to do is pull the battery out of one and put it in the other for use.

Technology has come a long way. We can be sure that the way things are going there is no telling what will come along in the future. Who would have even dreamed about a power bank all those years ago let alone the mobile phone you use to charge it with.


Let The Sun Power Your Power Banks

The Sun is the star at the centre of our Solar System. It is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth. The Sun currently fuses about 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium every second, converting 4 million tons of matter into energy every second as a result. The enormous effect of the Sun on Earth has been recognised since prehistoric times, who even then realised the importance place the sun had in the lives of all humans on the planet. Without the sun there would be no life on the planet. The Sun also provides an enormous amount of energy that we have only now started to learn to harness.

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. There are two ways this is done, either directly using photovoltaics or indirectly using concentrated solar power, or a combination. The most common method is photovoltaic cells which convert light into an electric current using the photovoltaic effect. You can literally see solar panels on millions of houses and other builds these days as they have become very inexpensive with time. Solar panel cells are used in all sorts of forms to provide electricity for houses, buildings and other devises. They are used as both a primary source of electricity and as backup. In some cases they are used to replenish batteries which are then used later as a power source.

Due to the flexibility and simplicity of solar cells that are easily attached to devises as a power source. They have been used for decades to power things like calculators. They are now even used to recharge power banks. Not only are they used in a form where they are simply connected to a power bank to be charged, they are also being integrated into power banks themselves. These devises are simply called solar power banks, as you would expect. Although solar power banks have been around for a while now, they have become increasingly popular in tandem with power banks themselves. Whilst not as popular as the regular variety, solar power banks are starting to sell in larger numbers as they become more recognised by consumers.

Not only are solar power banks becoming more popular with regular consumers they are also being used more and more as a promotional item. Companies are always looking at ways to improve their image and creating environmental credibility in a time of great changes with the climate is seen as a positive step in that direction. Any chance to exhibit and confirm their commitment towards the protection of the environment is considered not just good science but good business. It the end we all want to leave the planet in a better state than it was when we were alive and the use of products such as solar power banks will surely help us achieve that objective.

Many products have come and gone. The products that survive are those that resonate the best with consumers. People these days put a lot of thought into the things that they buy. The same can be said about corporations when they are considering what products to use to promote their own services or products. The solar power bank is an example of a great product to be used in the times that we live in.

You Have The Power With Power Banks

Every great revolutionary sought to give power back to the people. Something happened and either the people had lost their power or they never had it to begin with. Along came someone with charisma and whit and wrestled power away from a demagogue and back to the people. It didn’t always end well as sometimes leaders of revolutions get drunk with power and just end up doing the same as the last guy or worse, but who doesn’t love a revolution and the romance that comes with it. These days revolutions still take place from time to time. Both those that require violent upheaval and those that quietly sneak into our lives.

The same can be said about power banks, or similar. Firstly it was a revolution of sorts. You had people suffering under the tyranny of small battery capacities on their phones. They had all these apps which were meant to make their lives easier but none of it mattered because their batteries were too small. They would go to do something like order a pizza, seek directions to a bar or just post something on Facebook and all the sudden the battery would be dead. They suffered and suffered not knowing where to go for relief. Then came the revolution in the form of a power bank, and that power bank saved their lives. Whilst it might sound that I am being a bit melodramatic I am not. Ask anyone who has been left without juice in their phone only to be rescues by a power bank and you will know what I mean.

Now power banks have taken over our lives so much so that people don’t even realise what life was like before they came along. It is like when television went from black and white to colour (another revolution). At first it was like “where have you been all my life”, but after a while people forgot that they was ever another alternative. The same can be said about power banks. We forget the glory that it brought to our lives all those years ago (a couple or year really) and now we just take them for granted. We get given then a gifts, as promotional products  and they can be bought even from your local ‘7 Eleven’. All of that doesn’t take away from the value they have added to our civilisation.

Now when we talk about revolution I know that this is a technological one and not a political one like the Russian Revolution or what ever. Even so it is a revolution precisely because it serves to turn the status quo on to it head and into something not previously seen or know. That is what it is about. So when you see a technological revolution take place you must recognise it for what it is and give it the salutation that it deserves. So power banks, “we salute you”!

Importing Power Banks and Promo Power Banks

There was a time when power banks first came out that there was no problem bringing them in bulk from overseas. Ever Tom, Dick and Harry was bringing them in and they were no even paying too much attention about the quality of the products or the factory that was making them. At first it didn’t prove problematic but then there was the problem with the Boeing Dreamliner, which had problems with their lithium batteries catching on fire. Then there were a couple of incidences at DHL’s facility in Hong Kong with goods catching on fire. After that airlines took notice and it increasingly became difficult to import power banks or send them in bulk across the world.

The good things now is that most factories that jumped on board and were ill-equip to follow the strict methods needed when manufacturing promotional power banks have disappeared. The market obviously wouldn’t tolerate it and the very incidences I mentioned scared the hell out of the remaining ones. What you mostly have left now are power bank manufacturers, predominately in China, that manufacture to strict standards as stipulated by new international treaties. Whilst not all the dodgy factories have been weeded out, most have been. Although this is the case there are still restrictions importing bulk power banks.

Airlines today still enforce strict conditions when transporting bulk promotional power banks. Some still even refuse to take them at all. For this reason it is best to go to a local supplier that would have them in stock, such as this popular promo power bank, or the many other promotional power banks on offer. Your local supplier will have stock that they have imported either via sea or via air using one of the few freight forwarders that will still transport them. What’s more they most likely source their power banks from reputable factories which has been around for a long while and actually know how to make them safely. It is always better to go to a local supplier with insurance and a solid sourcing background then to risk going direct and left holding a dud.

Even though airline won’t fly bulk power banks you are still allowed to take them on board in your hand luggage. So long as you don’t exceed a certain mAh then you will have no problem taking you promo power bank with you on holidays or on a business trip. I guess this is good to know because nobody would want to be left without their promotional power bank when they need it most. But if you are looking at importing a whole heap of them then think again because you might be left wanting on the other end when they don’t make it on that flight because the airline has banned them. When it comes to promotional products, the promo power banks is still a powerful marketing tool.

Plenty of Promotional Power Banks For Promos

Promotional Power Banks

Promotional power banks just like all promotional products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are big ones. There are little ones. There are power banks will high capacity. There are some with low capacity. There is pretty much a power bank for any and all requirements. It all depends on what the brief is and what the probable requirement will be for the user. Also you need to think about the recipients. What kind of people will be receiving the product. Will is be trades  people like plumbers etc? Will it be banks or sales people? The kind of recipients of the gift will surely influence what kind of power bank you choose to go with. All this and more must be considered before making an informed decision.

All Suitable Power Banks

The lucky thing is that there a literally dozens of promotional power banks from which to choose. While it would be great to be able to go through all the power banks out there to point out their strengths, unfortunately these is not enough time to do that considering how many models exist. You simply could not go through all of them because there are so many. Ezy Power Banks, and it parent EzyPromos, alone has hundreds of models available. What would be useful would be to go through a few different models to give you and idea of some of the possibilities. Once you have an idea of some of the possibilities then you will have a better opportunity to be able to pick one that is suitable for your promotional marketing campaign.

The Power Bank Best For Your Promotional Marketing Campaign

The simplest things in life are usually the best. The same can be said about promotional power banks. As I already pointed out there are literally zillions of models available but the most popular are the ones that allow for good logo print. The most popular promo power banks are:

  • Digital Power Bank – Allows for all over digital print
  • Electra Power Bank – Nice epoxy cover digital print on 2 sides.
  • Essential Power Bank – Allows for screen print on case.
  • Navigate Power Bank – Aluminium case for nice laser engrave.

The above models are considered the most popular because they sell the best. This is not only because they are great for branding. They are also inexpensive and have the option of custom packaging.

Lets Go Solar

Seeing the rest of the world is going mad for solar why not do the same for your next promotional marketing campaign. Going solar is not just good for the environment it is also good for business. That’s the best thing about thinking green – you can help yourself whilst helping the world. After the weekends protests it sure looks like it needs it. Our solar power banks have all you need to do both. Will this promotional product you will be soaking up the eco-credentials that is so important in today’s world. They way you should think about it is, “do it for the planet if not for yourself”. It is definitely a win-win proposition.

Summer and Fun With Solar Power Banks

With summer coming it time to get ready to have some fun, in the sun, with everyone. Summer, after spring, is the greatest time of the year. It is a time for love, a time for laughter, and generally a time to let your hair down and have some serious fun. It the time of the year that people go on holidays. It is a time of the year when people go to the beach. If you live in Australia it is also the time of the festive season with both Christmas and New Year. So in short it is a great time to do a good promotion. In fact company promotions are in thick supply during the summer precisely because it is such a great time of the year to do one. People feel good and when they feel good it is easier to engage with them.

One of the greatest promotional products for a summer break is the solar power bank. Solar power banks are the not just an ordinary power bank. Although all power banks are great promotional gifts solar power banks are greatly suited as a summer promotional gift. What do people most identify with summer? It is the sun. Being sunny is what makes summer what it is. Fun! So the solar power bank personifies all that summer is about. I mean there would be no solar power bank without the one thing that make summer so cool. So a branded power bank is a logical summer promotional gift. Whether it is a gift with purchase like with a mobile phone, or just a straight out gift, it is a great idea. It can even be included in some sort of prize.

Solar power banks have been around for some time now. Our model (PB103) is a great idea of what this promotional gift should be about. It is;

  • Colourful
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to print
  • Comes with customer packing if needed
  • Can use multiple attachments
  • Suitable with most mobile phones

So the question should not be if you should incorporate a solar power bank or solar charger (as they are also know) into your summer promotions. The answer is a resounding yes! Make this summer a summer to remember and get on board the groove train and have some summer fun.

Solar Power Banks Great Travel Gifts

More and more people are travelling these days and the size of the travel industry keeps growing and growing year after year. According to the WTTC, last year travel and tourism grew 3.9 percent, which was above global GDP growth of 3.2 percent. Travel contributed a record $8.8 trillion and 319 million jobs to the world economy. People are travelling all over the world and are constantly seeking out new destinations. There are still the hot spots like Croatia and Hawaii, but travellers are also going to more exotic destinations like Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What all of this means for both the travel industry itself and companies that want to appeal to travellers is that there are lots of opportunities for corporate gifts. There are heaps of promotional products which are appealing to the travel market. There are the sun creams, bags and caps, but one of the hottest items available now for travellers is solar power banks. Solar power banks are a great travel gift as they give the traveller some extra juice for their mobile devises such as mobile phones etc. Indeed there are lots or promotional power banks which would be great to consider when thinking about a good travel gift. It is just that the solar power bank stands out in the crowd. Especially with eco conscious travellers.

The solar power bank can be branded with your logo or message. In fact heaps of Fortune 500 companies has used a solar power bank in their promotion. Solar power banks are in the top five promotional gifts for travel. They include:

  • Solar Power Banks
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Travel Irons
  • Travel Pillows
  • Document Holders

There is also the added benefit of being able to customise the packaging for added impact.

Power Banks Still A Great Promotional Product

When new technology items come along it is often a question how long they will last. With USB flash drives they have never stopped being a sort after item. It was always thought that with the accent of cloud based storage that the need for physical storage like flash drives and hard drives would diminished. Fortunately that is not the case and flash drives still continue to be a great promotional item. They are inexpensive and great for printing logos and people still need them to transfer data which makes them practical.

So when power banks came along the question was how long they would last. Power banks and promotional power banks have been around for a few yours now. While they were slow to take off in the beginning they have become more of a staple technology item for people. Nowadays you can see people all around carrying power banks either in their pockets or bags or even attached to their smart phones. Even though smart phones are coming with bigger and better batteries they still need additional juice to get them through the day.

With smart phones they started off using G2 and G3 which allowed for some additional apps and uses. The progression to G4 increased this even more and the sudden increased download speeds meant that users were now able to utilise GPS and other features on their phones which they previously couldn’t. Now with the pending arrival of G5 the explosion of apps for ones smart phone is set to expand even further. All of this means that people will require even more energy for the phones to keep them going through the day.

All this brings us the the longevity of power banks. Far from being a short term fad they are set to continue to be an important accessory for time to come. What this means from the promotional products industry is that power banks will continue to be a popular item when it comes to promotional campaigns. And the beauty of promotional power banks is that they appeal to a large demographic. Unlike flash drive which were more for tech savvy people, power banks are for everyone. No matter how young or old you are you probably have a smart phone and if you have a smart phone you will need some extra juice at sometime or another.

Promote You Brand With This Slick Power Bank

The Pro Card Power Bank is a great way to promote your company logo, team logo, or promotional marketing campaign! It is a flawless combination of having a very useful technological device and having your logo printed on the said device, guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye. Nowadays everyone needs a power bank due to the fact that many phones just keep eating up so much energy, you simply can’t go without one proper, high-quality power bank. The Pro Card Power Bank has your back!

Here, at Ezy Power Banks, we work towards our valued goals to provide our customers with high-quality technological devices which suit their specific promotional needs. As a number one lead supplier in Australia for promotional power banks, we are fully dedicated to our craft and find out ways to help out in your promotional endeavors any way we can, as communication is very important and customer service is number one. One of the more suitable and sought after products for the general public is the Pro Card Power Bank!

The busy student is always up and running, and is always stressed out with phone calls and deadlines and apps which keep eating away precious energy. The cell phones provide the students with internet, the world is in their hands quite literally, and that costs so much precious energy, you got to be crazy not to own a proper power bank. This is where the Pro Card Power Bank comes in.

A good idea is to invest in a high-quality power bank, especially when the power bank is so slim it’s so easy to carry it anywhere you go. Not to mention the stylish, sleek colours and textures that go along with it, it’s got enough casual freakiness for everyone. But that’s not the only thing which makes it stand out from the other power banks.

It’s the perfect prototype product for your next marketing and promotional campaign. Why? Simply because we offer you the option of printing your very own idea or logo directly on the power bank! It’s the next big thing in promotional innovation and is guaranteed to catch anybody’s eye, with the technological advances and all. Power banks are an exceptionally great promotional scapegoat, while at the same time it’s the ultimate gift for your fellow colleagues.

Whether you present them to your friends, family, colleagues, clients, and customers, or sell them as promotional merchandise, the slim Pro Card Power Bank is here to delivery any promotional tasks you might need. Having your business logo or message has never been easier with the digital and screen printing we offer, it’s high-quality, super fast, and yields great results for any promotional campaign you might have!

Coming in at 90mm x 54mm x 6.8mm, the Pro Card Power Bank boasts a pretty hefty capacity of 2000 mAh. With a three hour charge time, a micro USB cable, and a universal Lithium Polymer battery, you will never worry making that important phone call or checking that really important email.

The Pro Card Power Bank is available in black, blue, green, pink, white and yellow colour, all of which are in perfect harmony with any logo you might have printed on the power bank. Your brand will stand out effortlessly and it will last for a long, long time. Your branding or logo print will be done in a digital print method or with a screening print method and you have up to 50mm x 86mm for your design or message. You can pick a logo or message of your own design and send us the specifications and design. It’s simple, easy, and fast.

We have a wide range and a variety of accessories available to go with our Pro Card Power Bank such as: 3-in-1 cables, custom USB cables, and a range of packaging options. The packaging options ensure that the gift is presented completely professionally and neatly. These include plain boxes, windowed boxes, and custom designed boxes.

We can assure you that the screen printing and digital printing stays there for a long, long time. The coloring options go in a wide array and we can also throw in a couple of ideas in case you don’t have a specific approach. Just say the word and it is done. The Pro Card Power Bank is the perfect promotional item for your campaign.

Delicious Promotional Products Power Bank

If you are looking for some fresh, delicious ideas for your promotional needs, look no further than the Ezy Power Banks Chocolate Power Bank. Nobody is able to resist our Chocolate Bar Power Bank, and by the looks of things, this may be easily be mistaken for a real chocolate bar. Tasty.

The public has spoken and here it is – the almighty Chocolate Bar Power Bank, in true splendor. If you are looking for a genuinely attractive and noticeable promotional product for any of your marketing and commercial needs, then you just hit the jackpot. Before we go into any details about the quirky design, let’s check out the main characteristics of the Chocolate Power Bank.

At Ezy Power banks, we offer high-quality devices to sift through the modern day technological advances and bring to you nothing but top-notch gear, even chocolate-shaped ones. No obstacle is too high when promoting your product is required. As a number one lead supplier in Australia for promotional power banks, we are fully dedicated to our craft and find out ways to help out in your promotional endeavors any way we can. As a matter of fact, the Chocolate Power Bank is the perfect of example of “no promotional item is too quirky”.

The Chocolate Power Bank is a great way to promote your company logo, team logo, or promotional marketing campaign. It’s guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye, especially when you have your very own design, message, or logo printed on it. Yes, that’s right, we offer high-quality printing options which will boost your promotional campaigns and set your company logo directly in the spotlight of your customers and clients.

We can assure you that the screen-printing and digital printing is top-notch and high-quality, withstanding years and years, guaranteed to stay there for a long time, unscathed. The coloring options go in a wide array and we can also throw in a couple of ideas in case you don’t have a specific approach. Just say the word and it is done. The Chocolate Bar Power Bank is the perfect promotional item for your campaign.

Your logo, message, or company image print will be done in a digital print method or with a screening print method and you can pick a logo or message of your own design and send us the specifications and design. It’s simple, easy, and fast. Not only does the Chocolate Bar Power Bank recharge mobile phones, it can also able to do an emergency charge for tablets. Provided the device is using a USB port/micro USB port.

This power bank is available in three colours – brown, green and white, and has a print space of 98mm x 20mm on each side. But let’s be honest – everybody knows brown is the way to go.

It’s the perfect product for your next marketing and promotional campaign. Nobody will fail to notice the chocolate bar-shaped power bank, as well as the logo or brand of your company. Our Chocolate Bar promotional power bank includes a USB to Micro USC charger cable for easier connections to any device which support a Micro USB input. Other adaptors available include an 8 Pin adaptor, 30 Pin adaptor or 3 in 1 cable with Micro USB, 8 Pin and 30 Pin Connectors. The Chocolate Bar Power Bank is available in three sizes: 2000 mAh, 2200 mAh, and 2600 mAh.

Apart from the fun design, absolutely suitable for children and students, these power banks are a great choice for events and uses where you can surprise your loved ones with exceptional gifts to help promote your brand. Everybody loves chocolate. An EVA black zippered pouch for an additional cost is also available.

Gold Bar Power Bank is Back

If you are looking for decent power banks which keep your devices at the ready and spruced up with a beaming luxury look like “Fort Knox”, then look no further! This is where the Ezypowerbanks Gold Bar comes in. Your brand and promotional campaign will stand out and surely catch attention with one of these Gold Bar Power Banks.

The now popular portable power bank is a very necessary device which stores energy for your mobile devices for later use. It is usually made with a lithium ion battery which optimizes capacity.

Our Gold Bar Power Bank is simply perfect for customers with eccentric taste who search for an exotic twist to their promotional campaign. It is a bold promotional item which also offers the option of printing your very own logo or company image. With a larger printing area, we guarantee flawless prints and long lasting quality.

The Gold Bar Power Bank works with a USB to micro USB cable port for charging any device with a USB input. It has a Universal Li-Polymer battery changing station and it yields three different capacity measures: a 2000 MAh, a 2200 MAh, and a 2600 MAh capacity, guaranteed to hold optimum energy for storage. This secures a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks.

There are a number of other adaptors available at an additional cost including an 8 or 30 pin adaptor or a 3 in 1 cable that has a micro USB, 8 pin and 30 pin connector.

It also has a logo print space of 80mm x 10mm, and not only that but you can choose between screen printing OR digitally printing the logo of your liking. If perchance you would like a bit more “zing” to your promotional power bank, we can even laser-engrave your logo for the ultimate aesthetic touch.

Things you should know about power banks

One of the most important things to keep in mind about the almighty power bank is the “MAh” abbreviation, which means miliamper-hours, indicating power capacity. The mobile devices we use are measured by this abbreviation, and to explain things a bit further – the more MAh the device has, the more energy it can store within. Simple as that.

If, for example, your phone measures a good capacity and weighs around 2900 mAh, you should consider buying a proper power bank with more than 7000 mAh worth of energy, as a simple rule of thumb. You should always check the energy capacity of your phone, which can be found in the manual in the packaging, so that you can evaluate the most important information whether the phone matches a decent power bank. It should not exceed the capacity of your phone.

The Ezypowerbanks Gold Bar is great for charging mobile phones, tablets, or any portable device that can be recharged from a USB port. It can easily recharge full “tank” on most mobile phones. It should be noted that it is perfect for providing a tablet with an emergency charge of energy.

One more thing we should add, there is also the option for an EVA Black Zippered Pouch for a professional style and look.

Do not hesitate to grab one of these Power Bank Gold Bars with its Lithium-Polymer batteries which guarantee longevity and flamboyancy. If your business is in need of a promotional power bank that stands out, you simply can’t miss the Ezypowerbanks Gold Bar.

Custom Shaped Power Banks Rule Promo

There is no other better way to fully commit to the promotional essence of your company than Custom Shaped Power Banks. For when logos just don’t seem to cut it, now you can have your very own custom designed promotional product, and it’s a power bank to boot! Ezy Power Banks are way ahead of you, bringing nothing but top notch design and illustration quality and a complete guarantee of satisfaction for any promotional purposes you might need.

Today’s power banks keep getting faster and stronger, as more people use their phone’s energies every day. We can’t underestimate the importance of a sturdy and fast power bank. A great promotional tool for your company, we offer a complete design and arrangement of the power bank, and we guarantee a flawless and precise construction of the shape of your very own power bank.

You can order any shape, colour, and size, and we will see to it that the most important aesthetic component will pay its respect and be compatible to your company’s logo, catching the eye and amusing many customers. Just provide us with efficient detail, and all will be done accordingly to your blueprint.

All you have to do is follow these three steps properly and we will send your crafted design, with a guarantee of quality and durability.

  1. Send your design to us rendered in one of the file types such as: AI, PSD, PDF, EPS (you can contact us if another file type is in the question).
  2. We will design and craft up a mock prototype of your finished Power Banks and we will send it to you for evaluation and artwork review. Feel free to contact us if you would like any minor adjustments.
  3. Provided if the mock-ups goes to your liking and approval, it will be sent straight to mass production and ready to be used for your promotional campaign.

This is a perfect way to grab anybody’s attention and keep it. These are great on the go branded products – our Custom Shaped Power Banks are nothing but top notch technology.

The Custom Power Banks come in three different capacities: 2000 MAh (milliampers per hour), 2600 MAh, and 3000 MAh, with a lead time of 4 weeks. The Universal Lithium Polymer battery charging station makes sure that the durability, stability, and capacity stays on the level.

Yes, it’s that easy. Just send us your design, we send you a test model, and we start mass producing the product of your own design. Once the products are finished, we’ll have your constructed power banks sent directly to you – no fuss and no dilly dallying.

If you would like a single, personally designed power bank – no problem! We can mold and shape any design you can send us, anything goes. From pop-culture references to various geometrical figures – you name it. Bear in mind that some target audiences like children, may just require a very colourful and small capacity power bank. When targeting professional companies always keep your cool with a minimal, yet, keen design, perhaps with a larger power banks battery capacity. Always remember – the possibilities are endless. You can send us any design you might think of.

It’s really no surprise why our Custom Shaped Power Banks are so popular with businesses looking for a memorable promotional item which stays true to its company’s stylistic essence. Of course, pens and notepads are regarded as a necessary classic, but custom-made power banks do wonders.

Start using your imagination and begin creating your design now! We might be able to provide you with ideas about your product. Feel free to give us a call or send an email so we can discuss about your Custom Power Bank design.

The Cloud Power Bank Gives You Power

Power banks, or power stations, are steadily becoming very popular, along with the ever growing uses for our smart phones and other devices. One cannot win these energy wasting wars just with lowering your smart phone’s brightness or wiping away junk apps. It is imperative to have a quality, functional power bank.


Why power banks?

Now, everybody owns a smart phone, but not everybody has an electrical outlet nearby their vicinity. This is especially true for hikers and travelers, people who constantly struggle with their phones’ battery life, not to mention sellers that don’t explain specifications about their power banks, or how their power banks actually work. This leads to miscommunication and many people end up with the wrong cable outlets or incompatible power banks that do not suit their phones.

We will now explain the basic functions, pros, and cons of the power bank, and how to choose your next power bank for your device.


What is a power bank and how can you efficiently charge it?

The portable power bank is a device which stores energy for later use. It is usually made with a lithium ion battery with complex circuitry for better power flow control. That’s basically it.

When it comes to halting efficiency loss, one must always consider that it is not a good idea to overcharge. Charging the power bank from 20% to 90% is the optimum. Power charging efficiency can be exponentially lost if you take it too far. You seriously do not want to waste such energy.


Which devices are in need of constant juicing up?

If the devices which require a fast refill have a USB port, then it’s all cool. Power banks usually require a USB-charged device. This includes: GPS, cameras, GoPros, e-cigarettes, portable audio speakers and mp3 players, and, of course, tablets.


Li-ion and Li-poly Batteries

When it comes to batteries, Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries are the real deal. They are undoubtedly the most commonly used rechargeable cell types and are perfect for power banks.


What about resistance?

Keep in mind that when power is transferred from the power bank to the phone, the laws of physics state that there will always be some loss of power due to resistance, meaning it’s impossible to transfer 100% of the energy. The common power bank’s ratings go somewhere between 80% and 90%, as the accepted power standard. Be cautious when you see a very low cost 90% rating battery station. There is a 90% percent chance that they are LYING about their power bank’s rating.


What does mAh mean?

An avid power bank seeker has surely seen this abbreviation. “mAh” means milliamper-hours and it simply means power capacity. Mobile device batteries and power banks are measured by “mAh”. This means that the more mAh the device has, the more it can store energy.

Always check the capacity of your phone so you can match the needs with a decent power bank which greatly exceeds your phone’s capacity. For example, the iPhone usually has around 2900 mAh, so you should have a proper power bank with more than 7000 mAh worth of energy.


What about sockets?

Usually, the sockets are USB-charged. That means that it’s no problem to charge your bank from a pc, but it is seriously better to charge it via wall socket.

What is the Ezy Cloud Power Bank charger?

A proper power bank can be very hard to find. This is where the Ezy Cloud Power Bank portable charger comes in. With a whopping 8000 mAh capacity, and a Li-ion battery for a long lasting energy bolt, your mobile phone or small portable device will never run out of battery. It uses a USB port, and has a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

The Cloud includes a USB to Micro USB cable outlet for charging Power Bank and can charge any phone or device that utilizes a Micro USB input. The recharging time requires 8 to 10 hours, and there are offers for adapters available at additional cost: a choice of 8 Pin adapter, 30 Pin adapter or 3 in 1 cable with Micro USB, 8 Pin and 30 Pin connectors.

One must bear in mind that the Cloud power bank has a max input current of 1000 mAh, and an output of 2000 mAh / Output 2: 600 mAh, ensuring faster charging time and exceptional capacity. It is absolutely perfect for hiking and lengthy outdoor activities. Look no further, if you are a mountaineer or nature photographer.

Power Banks For Christmas Gifts

Yes it is that time of the year again. The season of gift giving is upon us again. After another growling year it is time for festivities again. What that also means is it is time to send our valued customers a gift to show them how much they mean to us. What to get them though can be a difficult task.

Lucky then that you have Ezy Power Banks by your side. We are in the business of gift giving and we know what customers want. Customers want something that is valuable but also practical. Nothing is as practical as a power bank. Power banks are a great gift that keeps on giving all year round. It is something that your customers will find they can use daily and will wonder how they ever lived without one.

Power banks are available in all shapes and sizes and are designed to fit any budget. At Ezy Power Banks we have one of the largest ranges of promotional power banks in the promotional products industry. Our range of power banks start from your basic promotional power banks and extend into high capacity, slim and custom shaped models as well.

If you are looking at something that is more budget conscious you may want to look at a basic model like our Electra or Digital Power Banks. Both come in capacities from 2000 to 3000mAh. Both have very good branding areas and can come in custom packaging. If you want to make more of an impact you can look at the custom shaped version which can be customised to look like your product, mascot or logo. It can be custom moulding into almost any shaped.

So the bottom line is for this years Christmas gift look no further the EPP. Your partners in corporate gift giving.

Power Banks For Your Next Promotion

When considering a promotional item for your next promotional products campaign it is always good to ask yourself what would best suit your customer needs. These days people are constantly bombarded with marketing from companies and it does not always stick. Indeed marketing has become increasingly costly and sophisticated and a lot more thought needs to go into an effective marketing campaign.

When looking for a product that will be both memorable and practical you can’t go past a power bank. Power banks are the perfect product in an increasingly digital world. They provide the extra energy needed to give your mobile devises the juice they need to perform all the tasks you have come to rely on with your mobile devises. As devises such as mobile phones get smaller so to does the battery which means less battery capacity to power your devises.

It is this very fact which has lead to the proliferation of power banks. Power banks are a devise which has a lithium battery inside which can be recharged after use. They are in effect an portable recharging devise which can be taken anywhere and can be recharged from a USB port such as the one on your computer. One charged they retain that charge for a reasonable period of time which is what makes them so necessary.

So if you are looking at giving your customer a branded product then a promotional power bank is a great idea. Not only can they be branded with your logo but they can come in a custom box. They are also something that you can be sure that your customer will retain for a long time therefore enhancing the customers perception of your brand.

Solar Power Banks to Show Your Eco-Credentials

Promotional solar power banks for smartphones and other portable devices are one of the most innovative and eco-friendly products currently on the market. Ezy Power Banks, Australia’s leading supplier of promotional power banks, is able to offer a large range of power banks in a range of designs and styles. These can be used as promotional items, or for charging employees’ or customers’ portable devices.


Offering a range of different models, from basic power banks to high capacity models, Ezy Power Banks have a selection of options available, all of which can be printed with custom designs, logos, or a marketing and branding message. Available in a large range of capacities to suit all business types, the Ezy Power Bank range come in a selection of styles, from slimline options to custom designed shapes that are ideal for promotional purposes.


For people who are always on the go, power banks have become an increasingly popular option for charging portable devices. Most power banks provide power from built-in rechargeable batteries. However, for eco-friendly businesses, experts predict that solar power banks are the next big thing in portable device charging.


The concept of running eco-friendly businesses has become more vital than ever in recent years, which is what makes Ezy Power Banks’ solar power banks ever more vital. The range of power banks that Ezy Power Banks offers are well designed and made to meet safety compliance, which means that they are guaranteed to be safe to use.


Solar power banks come with many benefits, aside from offering a renewable energy source that does not harm the environment, they come with a range of other reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular.


Smart device charges may not use a vast amount of energy, but as any environmentalist say, it is the little changes that make all the difference in terms of leading a more eco-friendly life.

Solar Power Bank For The Environment

Solar Power Banks are a great way to promote your ecological credentials. Nothing screams environmental conscious then the site of seeing solar panels in the outdoors converting sunlight into valuable electricity. Image what your customers will think of you when you give them their very own personal solar power plant to carry around with them. They will feel like Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla all wrapped up in one.

Portable solar power banks are not only great because of their eco credentials but are also very practical. You can charge then using a USB ports and always have that additional power you crave so much when you devises are near empty. Who doesn’t want backup power for the times them their devises fail them. There is nothing worse then being mid conversation only to have your phone cut out. It is the concept that the promotional power bank movement was build on. Having a power banks on hand is not only practical but it is almost a safety devise.

While the sun alone will not power this solar power bank, leaving it on a window sill will definitely recharge it. I tried it myself many times before offering it as a promotional item and believe me it works. I may take a couple of days to fully charge but you can slowly see the indicators move towards a full charge. When you will truly need it solar capabilities is when you are away from a power point or your USB port and need to top it up. Imagine being out camping knowing that leaving your solar power banks in the sun will give you that much needed boast.

So contact EzyPowerBanks for your next Eco Marketing Campaign.

High Capacity Power Banks for Premium Events

Power banks have become very popular in the last couple of years. The proliferation of smart phones and mobile apps has made the need for portable power event more appealing. Most consumer electronics brands have their own brand power bank. There are also heaps of generic types out there in the market. So the access to portable power has never been greater for the consumer.

Lots of people these days carry multiple devises. So they might have their personal phone plus their work phone and various other gadgets like portable gaming machines. It is a hard task to power all of these gadgets and even harder to do it on the road or away from home. This is where high capacity power banks come into play. While smaller power banks have any thing between 1600mAh and 3000mAh the larger power banks have anything up to 12000mAh and beyond.

When conducting a premium promotional campaign where you are wanting to impress the customers it is a good idea to look at utilising a higher capacity promotional power bank. They are even more practical then a standard one and the perceived value by the customer is much high. While they might be more expensive you get more bang for you buck.  Some of our range includes:

  • The Edison – a smart aluminium finish.
  • The Elite – portable charger for your mobile phone or small portable device.
  • The Live Power Bank – a 8000 mAh portable charger. Recharge most phones on the market 5-6 times.

The above are by no means the limit of out options. To view our complete range Click.

Ezy Power Banks is a premium supplier of promotional products. For our full range of promotional products please check our website EzyPromos.


Stand Out with a Slimline Promotional Power Bank

Business is now much more mobile than it ever has been before, and with staff working from the office, from home and while on the road, utilising a small but efficient power bank means you’re always able to keep in touch.

The Credit Swiss branded power bank from Ezy Power Banks may be small but it certainly doesn’t lack any features. With the ability to charge smart devices quickly, this power bank is small enough to pop in the pocket, or keep in the glovebox of your company car.

Available in two base colours – black or white – this power bank holds a great digital logo print, and comes with a micro USB cable. Ezy Power Banks have a range of additional accessories available including a 3-in-1 cable and custom USB cables. Present these power banks simply in a plain box, or take the option of a windowed or custom designed box.

Power banks are a great way to ensure your staff are always contactable and with a 1.5 hour charge time, the Credit Swiss Power Bank is always ready to go. Keep your staff on the move with this stylish, slimline power bank.

Perfect for promotional merchandise, giveaways, gifts and everyday use in your business, the slimline Credit Swiss promotional power bank will help your business stand out amongst your competitors.

For a small but powerful promotional power bank, the Credit Swiss Power Bank from Ezy Power Banks has you covered.

Gold Bar Power Bank For Promotions

Are you looking for a fun way to help your brand stand out amongst your competitors? The Gold Bar promotional power bank is the perfect way to help promote your brand. Produced in the shape of a gold bar with a bold gold colour, this power bank offers plenty of logo printing space, and comes in three different capacities so you can select the best option for your brand.

Our Gold Bar power bank has a print space of 80mm x 10mm where you can have your logo or branding message either screen printed or digital printed; for extra style, your logo or branding can be laser engraved onto the power bank. Available in three capacities – 2000MAh, 2200MAh or 2600MAh, and great for charging a mobile phone or small portable device while on the go (also providing an emergency charge for tablets), these power banks are a great way for your clients and customers to remember who you are.

These branded power banks also come with a USB to micro USB cable so they are ready to gift or giveaway to customers and clients as soon as they arrive in your office. Do you need something more than a USB to micro USB cable? We have a range of additional adaptors and cables available for purchase including 8 or 30 pin adaptors and 3 in 1 cables.

For easy presentation, the Gold Bar power bank comes in a white box that you can easily add branded stickers to, however if looking for something a little more stylish, we have EVA black zippered pouches for professional presentation.

Branded power banks are an easy way to have your customers and clients remember who you are and what services you offer, and the Gold Bar Power Bank will certainly have you standing out from your competitors.

Power Banks For Christmas

The festive season is finally upon us. It has been a long year and now it is time to plan for Christmas. A huge part of Christmas is gift giving to show your customers how much you love them. There is no better corporate gift that promotional power banks. Custom printed power banks are a very practical gift which keeps on giving. Every time you recharge your customer recharges their phone or USB devise they will be glad have to have you as a business partner. Power banks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have multiple branding options.

The types of custom branded power banks we offer are:

  • Slim power banks
  • Standard capacity power banks
  • High capacity power banks
  • Aluminium power banks
  • Plastic power banks
  • Custom shaped power banks.

Branding options for our power banks are:

  • Screen Print
  • Pad Print
  • Digital Print
  • Laser Engrave

So contact ezypower banks today for your Christmas corporate gifts.

Ezy Cap For All Your Printed Cap Requirements

You are welcome to our new custom caps and hats website Ezy Caps. At Ezy Caps we have a comprehensive range of custom branded headwear for your corporate apparel and promotional products marketing campaigns. Be visible with your very own branded caps and hats. Promotional caps will not only extend the reach of your brand but you will build customer loyalty. Ezy Caps stocks a huge range of custom headwear including:

  • Baseball Caps
  • Brushed Cotton Caps
  • Camouflage Caps
  • Eco Caps
  • Flat Peak Caps
  • Hi Vis Caps
  • Kids Caps
  • Sports Caps
  • Straw & Sun Hats
  • Beanies
  • Bucket Hats
  • Visors

Our Branding options include:

  • Embroidery
  • Screen Print
  • Digital Print
  • Transfer Print

Visit us at or call us on 1300 753 675.

Apple Goes Wireless With iPhone 7

The American based consumer electronics giant last week released there new smart phone offering the iPhones 7. The new phone was an improvement in many ways on the previous model. For one think it now also comes in jet black which looks very slick. It it is also water proof and splash resistant so no need to worry if you spill water on it. I don’t know how if would go being dropped in the pool or toilet but presumably if you finish it out quickly it will survive. The biggest change though is the lack of the earphone jack.

It would appear that with the introduction of the new iPhone 7 that Apple is going completely wireless. As you may have heard the without the earphone jack the iPhone 7 user will now need a wireless headset to listen to music or use the phone with earphones. Whilst many have complained then will still be an adaptor in the box which plugs into the lightning port. You just won’t be able use your earphones whilst charging, which might be a good thing.

Despite all the criticism the new addition to the Apple family seems pretty good. They are sure to sell millions of them as they usually do. Whether the new iPhone 7 arrests the decline in iPhones handset sales is another thing.

Watch this space!!!

Power Banks For Sporting Events

The next time you are having an outdoor or sporting event you should consider promotional power banks. How many times have you spent a long day outdoors only to find that your mobile phone has run out of juice and has shut down. It is indeed a frustrating experience especially when you need to call that special someone or take a photo or whatever. How happy would you have been then to have had a power bank handle to top up your battery. Now think the value added to your brand when your customer reaches for a branded promotional power bank with your logo in that exact same situation. Brilliant!

Custom branded promotional power banks are a great way to extend your brand and build customer loyalty. They are great because:

  • Easy to brand
  • Have many models to choose from
  • Come in a variety of capacities
  • Have different packaging options
  • Different accessories available
  • Very handy when needed
  • Compact

So next time you are planning an outdoor or sporting event and need promotional merchandise consider a promotional power banks. Call Ezy Power Banks today for a quote.


Why Promotional Power Banks?

The Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) has conducted research to show which shows that:

  • 52% of recipients of promotional merchandise say their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a promotional product.
  • 76% recall the name advertised on the product.
  • 55% keep the item for more than one year.
  • Nearly 50% of recipients use them daily.
  • 52% of people do business with a company after receiving a promotional product.

The above information shows the necessity of incorporating promotional products into any effective marketing campaign.

At Ezy Power Banks we have an array of promotional power banks to promote your business. We offer everything from promotional slim power banks to high capacity power banks and more to get your brand recognition growing. Below is a list of products that we offer:

  • Digital Print Power Banks
  • Slim Power Banks
  • Credit Card Size Power Banks
  • High Capacity Power Banks
  • Custom Shapes Power Banks
  • Inexpensive Power Banks
  • Standard Capacity Power Banks

And through our main promotional products business EzyPromos we offer a full range of promotional products:

  • Apparel
  • Badges
  • Bags
  • Binoculars
  • Bottled water
  • Calendars
  • Car Accessories
  • Coasters
  • Coffer Mugs & Cup
  • Confectionary
  • Counter Mats
  • Desk Accessories
  • Dog Collars & Leashes
  • Door Hanger
  • Drinkware
  • Footwear
  • Headwear
  • Houseware
  • Key Accessories
  • Lanyards
  • Magnetic Products
  • Mouse Mats
  • Novelty Items
  • Packaging
  • Personal Care Goods
  • Phone Accessories
  • Power Banks
  • Plush Toys
  • Rollup Banners
  • Safety Goods
  • Sanitisers
  • Sports & Outdoor Products
  • Stickers
  • Stress Toys
  • Stationary
  • Sun Glasses
  • Toys & Games
  • Technology Promotional Solutions.
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Travel Items
  • Umbrellas
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Wallets & Money Banks
  • Wrist Bands
  • Writing Instruments

We literally offer tens of thousands of promotional items which can be branded with your logo.

So for your next promotional marketing campaign call Ezy Power Banks or email us at and one of our professional account managers will be in contact with you.

A Promotional Product For Every Occasion

It takes all sorts of promotional products to make up a promotional campaign. Just as it takes all the colours of the rainbow to make a rainbow. At Ezy Power banks we have a huge range of promotional gift power banks to suit any promotional marketing campaign. We have everything form the basic Digital Power Bank to our custom shaped power banks. We basically have a mug for any occasion and price range.

However we are by no means limited to promotional power banks. As you may very well know Ezy Power Banks is part of a larger group of website operated by Ezypromos. Ezypromos is a supplier of a complete range of promotional products offering everything from promotional USB flash drives to customer apparel and workwear. So no matter what promotional product or gift you are after we can find it for you. In fact no order is too small (unless there is a supplier MOQ) and no product too hard to find. We can basically get you anything.

So next time you think promotional products think about US! Ezypromos (and Ezy Power Banks).

Pokemon Craze Increases Power Bank Usage

As you many know the Pokemon craze has hit hard and seems here to stay. The site of hoards of people chasing those little critters has been seen the world over. It seems every day there is news about the after effects of people engaging in the new Pokemon crazy. Whether is be people getting robbed or killed while doing it. Or stepping in to the path of traffic while crossing the road glued to their smart phone screens.

One consequence nobody foresaw was the effect the crazy activity would have on gamer’s mobile phone batteries. Simple staying connected to the internet for prolonged periods of time can drain a battery. So image how quickly people are using up the juice on their phones playing Pokemon. One solution to this would be to remain permanently hooked up to the power mains while playing Pokemon. Unfortunately this in not really a viable option when you are chasing a creature down a dark alley. The other more practical option is carrying a power bank.

Ezy Power Banks has a number of options available for companies wanting to take advantage of the Pokemon craze by handing their customers promotional power banks. Whether through a cross promotion or stand alone promotion giving your customer a promotional power bank has never been better. Your customers will love you for the gift no matter what but will especially be grateful heading down said dark alley knowing that they have an extra charge in case they find a critter or need to call the cops.

At Ezy Power Banks we have one of the largest promotional power banks ranges in the country. We have every thing from standard capacity power banks which hold enough power to charge your phone once per charge to high capacity power banks which can give you multiple charges. We have slim power banks that fit nicely in your purse, handbag or even wallet. And we have custom shaped power banks for when you need something special (like a Pokemon shaped power banks).

So whatever your needs contact Ezy Power Banks today for your next promotional campaign.

Visit Our New Promotional Pens Website

Ezypromos has now introduced a new promotional pens website. The website is live and ready to service all your promotional pens needs. The website has a large range of products including promotional metal pens, promotional plastic pens, promotional marker pens, promotional pencils, and promotional premium pens like Parker Pens and Waterman Pens. Whatever you promotional pens needs you are sure to find them on the Ezy Promo Penswebsite.

So we supply:

  • Plastic Pens
  • Metal Pens
  • Parker Pen
  • Waterman Pens
  • Branded Pencils
  • Marker Pens

The website is also equipped with all the pricing for both the pens themselves and branding costs. There are a number of branding options which include pad print, laser engrave, name laser engrave and oxidisation. So whatever you branding needs you can be sure that Ezy Promo Pens can supply them.

So next time you find yourself needing branded promotional pens contact one of our friendly staff member on 1300 753 675 or visit our website.

Custom Shaped Promotional Power Banks

Are you in need of a custom promotional item that helps promote your brand, and get your services noticed?

For many businesses, competing for business is tough; you often need something to set you apart from your competitors, whether it be the services you offer or the promotional product you use to get your name out there.

Our Custom Shaped Power Banks are a great way to get your brand seen, with power banks designed to suit your requirements. If you’ve ever wanted complete control over how your promotional power bank looks, the Custom Shaped power bank is a great starting point.

Getting your custom power bank made is easy – send your design to us and we’ll send you a mock-up of your design for review. Once you’re happy, and the mock-up is approved, your power bank design will be sent to production, packed and then dispatched directly to you.

Because these power banks ae custom shaped, you have complete control over the design elements including your logo placement and the branding message you want your customers to see.

These power banks are available in three different capacities – 2000 mAh, 2600 mAh and 3000 mAh which gives you a range of options to choose from. With a universal Lithium-Polymer battery, our custom power banks are well made and durable. They are perfect for using in the office or at home, and provide a great charging option for your staff, customers and clients who are always travelling.

These power banks will charge modern mobile phones and small devices, which means your customers and staff won’t miss those important phone calls or emails. The Custom Shaped Power Bank is a great gift idea for new clients, as part of a conference pack, or added into a gift basket for any time of the year.

Our clients are loving our Custom Shaped branded power banks – easy to order, and you get exactly what you need to help promote your business. Pens and notepads are easy promotional products to come across, but if you want something that puts you in front of your competitors, let Ezy Powerbanks provide you with your Custom Shaped Power Bank.

Call Ezy Powerbanks today for a quote.

Compact Photo Promotional Power Banks

With branded power banks starting to take off in the promotional market, have you started looking into options for your business?

With their ability to be carried around in the car or left on the office desk, power banks are a handy accessory to any phone or small device that can be charged via USB. Power banks allowing for easy charging while travelling, ensuring your staff, customers and clients don’t miss important calls or emails with a dead phone battery.

Our Compact Photo Power Bank gives you a great branding platform, with two logo printing options available. Using the pad printing method, this power bank can hold a 60mm x 26mm logo print; using a digital print method, the power bank can hold a large 82mm x 46mm logo print – plenty of space for your logo or branding requirements.

Fitted with an A-grade 2600 mAh Lithium-ion battery, the Compact Photo Power Bank features a power indicator, and can charge a mobile phone or small device in full. On a full charge, the power bank can charge a mobile up to twice, or provide tablets with up to 20% charge – your clients and customers won’t need to worry about missing phone calls or emails that they might be waiting on while travelling.

The Compact Photo Power Bank comes is accessorised with a USB to micro USB cable for charging, and you can also purchase a 3 in 1 cable to use when charging various devices. A classic two-piece black gift box comes with the power bank, which provides a great presentation option if you are using the Compact branded power bank at your next function or conference. We can also brand this gift box at a small additional cost, helping you to spread your branding further.

If your clients, customers and staff are always on the go, travelling to and from worksites or just moving around the office, our Compact Photo Power Bank makes a great promotional item to help market your brand and services.

Contact Ezy Powerbanks for your next promotional power banks  corporate gift.

The Torch Promotional Power Bank

If your business is in the leisure industry, and you are looking for your next promotional merchandise or giveaway item, our branded Torch Power Bank is an easy choice.

Designed for people who like to get away, the Torch Power Bank combines a handy little torch with a power bank charging station, perfect for charging any modern mobile phone on the market and small electronic devices, making it a great branded gift for those who like to get away or are always on the go.

Available in four bright colours, and with a logo print space of 11mm x 62mm on the front, this power bank gives you plenty of branding space, allowing you to print your logo or marketing message.

With your customers and clients always having their smart devices on hand, our Torch Power Bank will ensure they are never without battery and won’t miss that important phone call or message. All they need to do is charge up the power bank, pop it in their bag with a charger, and they won’t need to worry about their battery running out.

This is also a great promotional power bank for your staff members to use. Keep it charging in the office and pop it in their briefcase or bag when they go out to a meeting, ensuring they’ll be able to stay in contact for important diary notes, phone calls or emails.

Running a conference or event and need a promotional product that will get your company remembered long after the event? A branded power bank is a great way to go. These handy devices will be used over and over again, long after your event has finished, and will keep your brand in the eye of your current and potential customers.

Promotional power banks are becoming popular choices for companies looking for ways to open up their marketing in non-traditional ways. Our Torch Power Bank is a great product for all of your customers and clients.

Call Ezy Power Banks for your next promotional marketing campaign on 1300 753 675 or email us @

Promotional Power Bank King Power

If you’re looking for a stylish promotional power bank you can’t go past our King and King II power banks for your next marketing campaign. The stylish timber case, available in four various shades ensure your next power bank will help your company stand out from your competitors.

With technology becoming one of the most important things in our lives, including our phones and tablets which seem to never leave our side, a power bank will help keep your staff, clients and customers on the go all the time.

The King Power Bank allows you to print your logo on the front and back, both with a print space of 16mm x 96mm, while the King II gives you the one logo print space of 8mm x 60mm. With two options to choose from, one of our branded King Power Banks will suit your company requirements.

The power banks themselves take three hours to recharge, and both are suitable for charging most smart phones on the market including iPhones, Samsung, HTC and Nokia. This keeps your staff members on the road selling your products, and your customers can be sure they’ll never miss that important phone call or email coming through because of a dead battery.

The King Power Banks are a great choice when looking for a gift for your clients or customers, and are a solid option to include in conference or event gift bags when you want attendees to remember who you are long after the event.

Promotional power banks are starting to become a popular choice amongst many businesses looking for a product that will draw attention to their brand and to help differentiate them from their competitors. For a branded power bank that is stylish and will get attention, our King Power Banks are a great choice.

Custom Shaped Power Banks

Chose one of our custom shaped power banks for your next marketing campaigns. You can design your power banks in to almost any shaped to promote your products or services. The design you come up with is only limited to your imagination.

Different power bank shapes we have designed are:

  • Truck
  • Airplanes
  • Lipstick Holders
  • Drink Cans
  • Cars
  • Food
  • Logos

Just to name a few.

If you need help designing your custom shaped power bank let us do it for you. Ezy Power Banks has extensive experience designing promotional products and we have produces heaps of different custom power bank designs.


EZYMUGS understands your promotional needs. With a large range of promotional coffee mugs, including branded and printed mugs, as well as promotional glassware, we can supply what you need in small or large quantities. Because we are based in Australia, we understand the needs of Australian businesses and their promotional requirements. No matter where you are in Australia, we can help you achieve your marketing goal.

Branded Lanyards & Luggage Straps

Custom Printed Lanyards

If you need lanyards for your next promotional campaign check out our range at Ezy Lanyards is the premier supplier of customised lanyards in Australia. We have a large range of lanyards options including; polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards, satin lanyards, sublimation lanyards and bootlace lanyards just to name a few. Visit our user friendly website and check out our full range of custom printed lanyards.

Custom Luggage Straps

Ezy Lanyards also has a great range of luggage straps. Customised luggage straps are a great way to promote your brand to the travelling public. You can be sure that the luggage strap with your logo will be seen far beyond the boundaries of your usually marketing campaign. Luggage straps are useful in securing luggage as much as they are a help for travellers to identify there bags at the carousel during baggage collection.

Custom Printed Lanyards and Luggage Straps are a great way to spread your brands reach.

Brand Republic Promotional Agency

Promotional Products

Branded Republic a Australia’s premium supplier of promotional products. Brand Republic is a boutique supplier which not only offers a great range of promotional products and corporate gifts at great prices but offers a full service experience. Whether it is a few promotional products that you are looking for your next corporate event of a full brief for a comprehensive marketing campaign, Brand Republic can full-fill your needs.

At Brand Republic we offer a large range of promotional products including, corporate gifts, corporate workwear, promotional t-shirts and polos, customised USB flash drive, branded power banks, logo printed pens and writing instrument or any other promotional product you can think of for your campaign.

Contact Brand Republic on 03 9646 7066 or visit

Ezy Lanyards

The Ezy Lanyards offers a large range of Lanyards, Wristbands, Badge Holders and Mobile Phone Holders as well as a range of other products for people on the go.

The Ezy Lanyards is part of the Ezypromotions which offers a large of range of promotional products,USB Flash Drives, Music Players, Digital Photo Frames,apparel, pens and other promotional products. Visit for further product information.


EzyUSB is a division of EzyPromo Australia – a manufacturer and supplier of premium promotion products in the Australian market. EzyUSB provide a range of quality technology products including USB flash drives, USB web keys, digital photo frames, USB hubs and gadgets, portable music players, webcams, eco gadgets and custom printed lanyards. EzyUSB is the home of the Ezyflyer. Our patented integration of USB web key technology into any print medium.

Our clients include a range of corporations, schools and universities,direct marketing and advertising agencies and government departments.

Promotional Mugs News

Welcome to Ezymugs. Ezymugs is one of the largest suppliers of promotional mugs in Australian. We offer premium mugs printed with you company name. Ezymugs supply both premium mugs and more economical style mugs to suit your every campaign. From your basic Can Mug to the curvaceous Barrel Mug we have it all.

Our printing service offers basic print from one to four colour. With more complex logos we have digital print available or photo print for added impact.

Contact us or visit out website for ideas.