Apple Inc

Apple Goes Wireless With iPhone 7

The American based consumer electronics giant last week released there new smart phone offering the iPhones 7. The new phone was an improvement in many ways on the previous model. For one think it now also comes in jet black which looks very slick. It it is also water proof and splash resistant so no need to worry if you spill water on it. I don’t know how if would go being dropped in the pool or toilet but presumably if you finish it out quickly it will survive. The biggest change though is the lack of the earphone jack.

It would appear that with the introduction of the new iPhone 7 that Apple is going completely wireless. As you may have heard the without the earphone jack the iPhone 7 user will now need a wireless headset to listen to music or use the phone with earphones. Whilst many have complained then will still be an adaptor in the box which plugs into the lightning port. You just won’t be able use your earphones whilst charging, which might be a good thing.

Despite all the criticism the new addition to the Apple family seems pretty good. They are sure to sell millions of them as they usually do. Whether the new iPhone 7 arrests the decline in iPhones handset sales is another thing.

Watch this space!!!