Electra Printed Power Bank

All Power Banks Great for Promotional Products

It can often be hard to determine what is a good promotional product and what is not. Sometimes it is even the case that a certain promotional product is good for some campaigns but not others. There are even other scenarios where a promotional product comes in different variations which influence when is should and should not be used. Now more than ever it is important to get it right when choosing a promotional items. Budgets are tight and customers are more scattered than they have even been. Promotional power banks are the kind of item that comes in different variations that warrant consideration.

Promotional power banks have been a popular promotional item for some time now. They are definitely not new. Even though they are not a new item they have proven to be an enduring promotional product. In almost any campaign and practically any industry uses promotional power banks to promote they company or event. It used to be that just telecommunication companies or phone companies used them because they were most associated with mobile phone handset. Not anymore. Now you find them anywhere and everywhere.

Do I chose high capacity or low capacity power banks?

As I mentioned before even within certain products there are variable which will influence what type of that product is suitable for you. With power banks it is no different. You might want to choose a low capacity promotional powerbank or you might opt for high capacity promotional power banks. The decision will invariably depend on what is required by your campaign. With low capacity you are usually talking about 1800 mAh to 2400 mAh. With high capacity it is usually from 4000 mAh to 1200 mAh and beyond. The type you buy depends on what you are targeting.

With the smaller capacities you would assume that the device would be used more for smaller devises such as mobile phones. This would probably cover most consumers as they would have the opportunity to recharge their devises. Then there are other customers like adventure customers who need their power banks for longer stints. These kind of people would need something with higher capacity as their ability to recharge is a lot more limited than your average person.