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10 Situations When You’ll Know You need Slim Power Banks

When it comes to power banks people really don’t know very much. They know they can charge their phones. They know they can charge other USB devises but they don’t know much more. Some would argue that there is not much more to know. I beg too different. I know that there is a lot that people should and can know about power banks but I am not going to go into that just now. I would rather focus on when you will need your power bank. More precisely “10 situations when you’ll know you need slim power banks“.

  1. When your phone runs out of power: This is the most obvious one. There will come times where your phone simply runs out of power. That is a time when you will know you need a slim power bank.
  2. During an emergency: If you every find yourself in an emergency then you will know the power of having portable power. Especially if it is a big emergency.
  3. When your friend needs power: There is nothing like having a friend tell you their phone is dead and you can’t do anything about it. This will be a time you wish you had that slim power bank.
  4. When you are on holidays: Long segments away from home or on the road are a great time to remember that you need some power in your pocket.
  5. When you find out your phone battery is too small: It is often too late when you come to this point but still it is sure to spur some reflection.
  6. When your car breaks down: You will need to call the road service but unfortunately if you forgot to charge your phone before leaving home you will not be able to. Especially if you are on hold for ages and your phone dies.
  7. When you are walking your dog: Dog walking can be time consuming and you might find yourself bored and wanting to call someone. I know when I do they my phone tends to go dead after forty minute so a slim power bank always comes to mind.
  8. All of the above and more.
  9. Sometimes when you least expect it.
  10. Every single day of your life.

So really the more pointed question would be when having slim power banks available would not be of benefit. The answer to that is never. As long as you have a mobile phone, indeed as long as they exist there will be a place for slim power banks. Slim power banks are also called credit card power banks in case you didn’t already know that.