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Cloud Power Bank

The Cloud Power Bank Gives You Power

Power banks, or power stations, are steadily becoming very popular, along with the ever growing uses for our smart phones and other devices. One cannot win these energy wasting wars just with lowering your smart phone’s brightness or wiping away junk apps. It is imperative to have a quality, functional power bank.   Why power banks? Now, everybody owns a smart phone, but not everybody has an electrical outlet nearby their vicinity. This is especially true for hikers and travelers, people who constantly struggle with their phones’ battery life, not to mention sellers that don’t explain specifications about their power… Read More

Corporate Christmas Gifts

Power Banks For Christmas Gifts

Yes it is that time of the year again. The season of gift giving is upon us again. After another growling year it is time for festivities again. What that also means is it is time to send our valued customers a gift to show them how much they mean to us. What to get them though can be a difficult task. Lucky then that you have Ezy Power Banks by your side. We are in the business of gift giving and we know what customers want. Customers want something that is valuable but also practical. Nothing is as practical… Read More

Promotional Power Bank

Power Banks For Your Next Promotion

When considering a promotional item for your next promotional products campaign it is always good to ask yourself what would best suit your customer needs. These days people are constantly bombarded with marketing from companies and it does not always stick. Indeed marketing has become increasingly costly and sophisticated and a lot more thought needs to go into an effective marketing campaign. When looking for a product that will be both memorable and practical you can't go past a power bank. Power banks are the perfect product in an increasingly digital world. They provide the extra energy needed to give… Read More

Branded Solar power banks are great for eco marketing campaigns

Solar Power Banks to Show Your Eco-Credentials

Promotional solar power banks for smartphones and other portable devices are one of the most innovative and eco-friendly products currently on the market. Ezy Power Banks, Australia’s leading supplier of promotional power banks, is able to offer a large range of power banks in a range of designs and styles. These can be used as promotional items, or for charging employees’ or customers’ portable devices.   Offering a range of different models, from basic power banks to high capacity models, Ezy Power Banks have a selection of options available, all of which can be printed with custom designs, logos, or… Read More

Branded Solar power banks are great for eco marketing campaigns

Solar Power Bank For The Environment

Solar Power Banks are a great way to promote your ecological credentials. Nothing screams environmental conscious then the site of seeing solar panels in the outdoors converting sunlight into valuable electricity. Image what your customers will think of you when you give them their very own personal solar power plant to carry around with them. They will feel like Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla all wrapped up in one. Portable solar power banks are not only great because of their eco credentials but are also very practical. You can charge then using a USB ports and always have that additional power… Read More